America is the most advanced country, in the world, with numerous of professionals living inside states because it owns most of the biggest companies in different fields such as the Microsoft, Apple, KPMC, etc. Therefore, my first earliest image of America was that many people give all their efforts to pursue getting a job in the America. I thought that Americans were all white, just because America was a western country from Hong Kong, and helpful on giving assistance on everything when I need a help on something, which meant that they accept everyone from every country.

I made this conclusion from the advertisement on television and on the street. When I saw the advertising banner on the street, they were always white businessmen and businesswomen selling insurance, specific offers from banks, or some commercial advertisement paid by famous non-Chinese companies. Olympics-Ise-2012Karen%20Fawcett_68lowresThis caused me to think that all Americans were rich enough to spend most of their time to make salad, pizza, ginger bread, burgers, French fries, and juices, wear sunglasses, and sit and sleep on the beach to enjoy the sunshine, the wind blowing from the other end of the world, and the food they made. Also, I thought that Americans were excellent in science because most of the medicine were made in America, not China. Since they owned the most advanced technology, they were all genius in math, chemistry, physic, and biology. Science was difficult to me because it contained many calculations and special terms about human body, plants, and animals. However, in the image, none of the Americans was like me. No matter what they were required to do, like being a scientist, teacher, or an economist, they could do them well.

Meanwhile, I got the image of Americans from my history class. In the Second World War, Americans showed their wealth and power through their militaries. After Americans joined the Allies, Americans did an outstanding job to finish the war as quickly as they could. They owned the power that none of the nations had. Thus, I thought that Americans were so powerful no matter whether they were in the army or walking on the street independently. They were fully trained at all moments in their lives, which was the reason why I thought people tried all their effort to be an American. Americans were always the people leading others came from other countries and always to be the managers or CEO. Lower level jobs such as construction workers were never their choices.


In conclusion, my first image to Americans was that they were all genius, well-educated, fully trained, capable to do everything they want, and always at or above the managerial level in companies.


2 thoughts on “Hon_Pan_Wong_Blog1_01252013

  1. Hi Hon,

    I enjoyed reading your blog and gaining insight into how the media skewed your view of the U.S. How might you relate some of the concepts from class to your memories? Was there a controlling image of Americans? Perhaps cultivation analysis theory or cognitive accessibility theory could be applied?


    • The controlling image in my memory was the white businessmen and businesswomen on the advertisement posted by Western companies. Due to their appearances, I thought American were all rich white people. Also, when I watched American TV shows when I was a kid, most of the characters were white. There were so few people were Asian or in other colors. This matched the definition of whiteness. Even if there were Asian in movies, they were not the main characters. I could only see the Asians taking the main role only in Chinese movies and tv shows.

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