Dragon Ball Z The Movie 2009

As a child growing up, all I can really remember is all the different anime and cartoons shows I ever watched. One of my favorite show that i really loved was called Dragon Ball Z. One of the main reason why I really loved this anime show was because of all of the action, the story line, and fights scenes that were really amazing.  I can still remember waking up early as a child with a bowl of cereal in my hand and watching one of the most awesome anime show of my time.Before taking this class I didn’t really know much about or had much thought about how asian were treated with the whole yellow peril and how yellow face is a form of mockery. One reason why I decided to talk about this movie is because how explicit yellow face was played in to into one of my favorite anime series.

So in 2009 about 4 years ago Dragon Ball Z The Movie finally came out.  The main character  name is Goku and is being played by a white male name Justin Chatwin as an explicit yellow face. He just this regular guy who finds of that he is from outer space and that he has special power. As he becomes stronger, he uses his power for good and tries to save the world from evil.

I was super excited. Thinking to myself “WOW” my favorite show is finally a real live action anime series that is coming out to theaters. I wasnt really the only that was really excited my older brother was excited and especially my friends that I grew up with who watched the same shows as I did. But then I guess all good things do, come to an end. The official trailers finally comes out on YouTube and im like the million viewer to watch this trailer,thinking to myself” wow this movie must be awesome”. After watching that video, I was speechless I didn’t know what to say or do i just press replay and I wanted to cry. I didn’t know if this was really the movie or not, but scrolling down on the comments. I have to say I wasnt the only one who wanted to cry, some were furious.

Personally, im not being racist or anything but I feel that characters in any anime series or shows should be portrayed by the right characters. I personally believe that Hollywood is just scared or ambivalence to the fact that no one wants to watch an asian-american portrayed as the main character of a movie. Overall I was disappointed entire movie but there was some cool scene. I guess as a kid growing up and having a favorite movie, I really had high expectation for this movie.



One thought on “Dragon Ball Z The Movie 2009

  1. Hi Tai–Good description of what you really liked about Dragon Ball Z and your disappointment with the action movie. What other concepts from class might also explain why this occurred in addition to the concept explicit yellow face?


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