Kato Green Hornet

KatoGrowing up I viewed superhero’s as strong, smart, and always having great social power. I viewed superhero’s sidekicks the same as well. The Green Hornet is a story about a white male with lots of money from his father who decides he wants to become a superhero of some sort after he finds out that his fathers Asian worker from home is a real tech man and knows how to make and remodel cars with certain gizmos and gadgets. After getting into the whole superhero idea we start noticing a couple stereotypical things with Jay Chou known as Kato in the movie. So that is what brings me to my main point of this blog, not only is Kato a tech “nerd” but he also has great martial art skills.

The Green Hornet is a movie released in 2011 staring Seth Rogen as the green hornet and Jay Chou as his sidekick, named Kato. This movie is not really meant to be a typical superhero movie with jam packed action and original comic book characters, but rather be seen as a comedic movie with mild action. The movie isn’t ordinary at all, the Green hornet is not your typical superhero, he is an average male, incredibly ripped with muscle or anything like that, he doesn’t even have any super natural super powers. Kato, the Asian plays an example of implicit yellow face, while Jay Chou is Asian, he follows the stereotypical athletic Asian, he is pretty much a kung fu expert. While I was watching it I thought he was also committing another implicit yellow face act by talking with an accent but after doing some research I found out he actually talks like that. Another thing I noticed was that Kato was again, the superhero’s sidekick instead of the main superhero. Throughout media in the past I can not recall seeing any Asian superhero’s but in the other hand I haven’t seen any Asian sidekicks either.

Overall, the movie was good and had a great story plot. While I do think they portrayed the character Kato as a stereotypical Asian, I don’t feel like the movie was racist or anything of that nature at all. When it comes down to it, it was meant to be a comedy movie and it did just that, not because of Jay Chou playing yellow face, but because of the great plot and story writing.


One thought on “Kato Green Hornet

  1. Hi Enrique–Your description of Kato in relation to implicit yellowface is good, although I’m not quite clear if he was taking on characteristics that might be considered “Japanese” (if that’s what Asian country he was supposed to have originated from). I would be interested to hear whether the relationship between The Green Hornet and Kato made any reference to Kato’s racial background? Did other characters react to Kato being Asian?


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