The Last Samurai

The last samurai a movie based on the rebellion which occurred in Japan in 1877 where the samurai’s were fighting against the new westernized government. This movie is an example of how they used a “White” actor even though history shows that the rebellion had no record of having an American help fight the new Japanese government alongside the samurai’s, as well as the one that supposedly led them to battle. For this reason this only shows that  Hollywood is only showing the dominance of white Americans with this movie. Another thing that this movie ties in is also the idea that Asians are better at fighting with melee type weapons like swords and fist. How the movie expresses this is because at the beginning of the movie it showed how useless the government soldiers didn’t know how to aim properly at their targets. Which supports the stereotype that all Asians are experts at martial arts. The movie also showed Ambivalent diatomic where the women played a very typical role of a women taking care the of men. This showed a type of house wife type image where the women does all the house chores while the men worked for them to live. Which is also example of the Lotus Blossom image, because the women in the video had a more innocent and gentle type. This shows that Hollywood is trying to express the typical stereotype of women or Asian women. This movie is also related to Colonialism as  well because western ways are being pushed onto the Japanese. Showing us that using westernized logic is better and that everyone should become more westernized. The movie also shows orientalism. The reason is because it is a movie about Japan’s history they showed a lot of typical things such as how Japanese use houses made entirely out of wood, and how they run their household. This movie is also a great example of Miscegenation as well. This movie also shows example of negative differences, because they are using a white actor portray a Japanese Samurai. Which is something he is not because the actor also played a part as a American admiral. This movie also portrayed the Patriarchy image. Because this movie was made entirely out of male actors, it showed that males are the dominant sex and they they were the ones that do all of the dirty work that keeps their family alive.

One thought on “The Last Samurai

  1. Hi Christopher–Your analysis of this movie clearly showed how Hollywood is perpetuating a variety of troubling representations related to Asians, women and history. Excellent job!


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