My connection between identity and music choice.

The topic discussed in class this Tuesday about what connection we make between identity and music choice, video games, or TV shows really interested me personally about my own connection between my identity and music choice. When I was younger, about 5 years old, my parents got divorced so I would spend weeks back and forth living with either my mom or my dad. As I was growing up I realized the unique differences between the times I spent living with my mom and my dad. This topic we discussed in class made me realize how I developed my own identity connection with music choice. When I would live with my mom, she would mainly be listening to R&B, Hip – Hop and Rap in the car, while cleaning the house or working out. Since she listened to this music, I began to listen and enjoy it too. I guess considering the stereotype that goes along with how R&B and Rap music is usually associated as black music, you wouldn’t have expected my white, petite, blonde and blue eyed mother to be listening to artists including Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Ice Cube. That music is what she was interested in and enjoyed. Her music choice was based solely on her personality and interests instead of her race, gender, and ethnicity. My dad, on the other hand, was surprisingly the exact opposite. He despised Hip – Hop and Rap and never understood why my mom would let me listen to it with her. When I would be living with him for the week I noticed that he only listened to Country music. I could tell he really loved Country music because of how passionate he would sing a long and listen to the lyrics. He could relate to the music and it also went along with his culture and ethnicity because he was white and from Kansas, considering the stereotype, one would assume he would listen to Country music being from the Midwest. Growing up with my mom listening to Rap music and my dad listening to Country music it has influenced my identity with music today. Since I had been listening to Country and Rap since a young age I now still only listen to and enjoy Country and Rap, which could be seen as unusual because they are opposite genres. Country you could assume considering my race and gender, but my Rap music interest came from my mom as well as my personality and what I personally enjoy. Some people are still shocked when I say that I listen to old school and newer Rap because they wouldn’t expect that I listen to that genre based on my appearance. I believe that the connection between identity and music choice is based mainly on the person’s interests, personality, and how they can relate with the artists or lyrics.

Rap vs. Country


One thought on “My connection between identity and music choice.

  1. It’s great you blogged about this Kailey–I remember you mentioning the connection between individual tastes and music in class, so I appreciate knowing about your own experiences. Do you know why your mom related to hip hop more? Was it just taste, or was there something in the lyrics that she identified with? What other connections with concepts from class might you make (e.g., some aspect of intersectionality?).

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