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Beautiful Japanese farytales

We all grow up on stories, and many little girls want to be princesses. As time passes and new trends arise in entertainment, little girls and boys dream about different kinds of character than before. Boys might not want to be police officers or knights in armor anymore. They want to be spider-men or vampires. The world of anime came to the United states from Japan, and it was extremely popular in the 1990s and 2000s. Even though it’s not as popular as it once was, anime continues to have a loyal following here. Anime has different kinds of cartoons: for kids and for adults, as well as ones geared toward girls and ones for boys.

Since people always want to be like their favorite characters, anime characterization or style is not an exception. In United States there are many trends in dress and make up that copy Asian culture and manner of dress. This is Venus Angelic, she is 15. 252118-venus-angelic

Venus is not Asian, but she lived in Japan for some time. She has over 70 you tube videos and her make-up tutorial has more than 6,000,000 views. Here is the link for this video:

The obsession with anime has spread all over the world. There is a Girl in Ukraine who looks just like an anime character. Her name is Anastasia, Nastya for short, and she is 20 years old. She is a make-up artist and works in a studio. Here how she looks


Nastya feels that this shows her inner world and she thinks that she is a fairy. People stare at her and many take pictures. Her looks are unusual and eccentric. Most people have an opinion about her and her looks. Some hate it, but many love it. I have watched some interviews with her. She seems like a nice and kind girl who understands that this way of life is temporary and that she will have to leave it behind someday. She is extremely lonely and, even though her Facebook page has thousand fans, she has no friends.

Girls get obsessed with looking like a doll,  an Asian doll in this case. Is it “yellow face”? Well, even though they not just playing this images in the media, they are putting on “Yellow face.” They are trying to be like Japaneses anime characters.They do it because they love this culture and think that it is beautiful. It is a fairy tale, the desire to be a Princess, to be someone magical and special.

Both of these girls attract a lot of controversy and attention. First, many people think that it is not beautiful and it makes them look weird. Second, people feel that they strengthen existing stereotypes about Asians. Especially Venus, she often acts like our stereotype of Japanese girls with no respect of individual people and their way of behavior. Anastasia is more into the fairy tale part than in the cultural, she acts and talks as a fairy would.





2 thoughts on “Anime People

  1. Thanks for blogging about this–although I know anime is popular and many people dress up as characters for certain events (e.g., the upcoming Matsuri festival in Phoenix) I hadn’t heard about the make-up. You convey a lot of understanding for the young women. Although you touch on the concept of yellowface, how do you think other concepts from class might also apply (e.g., lotus blossum, orientalism)?

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