Rush Hour Series

Rush Hour Series

There is one movie that I can watch multiple times and never get sick of it. That movie would be; Rush Hour. Rush Hour is an action comedy film and over my childhood they made three movies in one series. The main characters for these movies are; Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were so good together that it just came natural. People all over the world watched these movies and the first Rush Hour ended up making around 244 million in the box office. Why were people so intrigued by these movies? I believe the fact that they have such crude humor and they played with race in a humorous way. The blend of action mostly made by Jackie Chan with the humor of Chris Tucker added a little uniqueness to these movies. Representations of Asians in these movies were definitely made in a stereotypical way. Every Asian in these movies knew Kung Fu and it was such a distinct representation of this culture. Jackie Chan has an extremely hard accent and his English was not that great. They starred him in these movies but to me I felt like the forever foreigner role was incorporated from the writers. To me it seemed like in every Rush Hour, writers kept on ridiculing Jackie Chan’s accent. One part in Rush Hour 2, Jackie Chan had a line in the movie asking Chris Tucker, “Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?” and Chris Tucker responds, “Man no one understands the words coming out of yo mouth!” and I felt like his accent was used as mockery. When I was younger I always had the perception of Asian or Asian Americans being in that way because of the first Rush Hour. I always thought that all Asians knew Kung Fu and that every Asian had these accents. My perceptions have changed tremendously since then, not only of Asians but of other cultures as well. I remembered talking in class about Bruce Lee and how they chose a white actor to play an Asian role, which never made sense to me but Jackie Chan being a main character in this movie symbolizes how much this country has grown. This movie had a lot of bad representations of Asians and Asian Americans but it also had a good representation. The good representation was how it showed culture and how it blended races together. People’s perceptions are changing and hopefully one day we can live in a world without any bias.


One thought on “Rush Hour Series

  1. Good consideration of how Jackie Chan’s character influenced your early perceptions of Asians/Asian Americans. Your discussion of accents provided a helpful example–and I like how you argue for a greater awareness of cultures. Some of the concepts from class might also shed additional light on this (e.g., controlling images, cognitive activation theory).

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