Stereotypes of NBC’s Community



At first I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to write about for my blog entry this week but it finally dawned on me to write about NBC’s comedy show Community when I was enjoying the latest episode just last night. In my own honest opinion the show is loaded with stereotypes and hints of racism.

The show is centered on one main character and eight support characters that come from all different walks of life. The first of the characters would be Jeff Winger who is portrayed by Joel McHale. The character of Jeff Winger is basically a suspended lawyer who has no choice but to enroll at Greendale Community College in order to hopefully breeze through college to obtain his degree. Jeff is meant to be an arrogant guy who is too cool for community college and he fills this role quite well. Jeff meets the other eight support characters in his first community college class ever, which is Spanish 101 with Professor Chang who is portrayed by Dr. Kim Jeong. The first of the support characters would be Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs). Britta is portrayed as a fiery political activist as well as a hippy and is often treated as the not very bright white girl within the show. The next support character is Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi). Abed is a youthful and emotionally shy Palestinian/Polish-American pop-culture aficionado who dreams of someday becoming a director. He is often considered the outsider of the group because of his race but he manages to find a strong friend in Troy Barnes (Donald Glover). Troy Barnes was an unlikely friend for Abed the nerd due to the fact that he is known as the popular black jock but they become best of friends. Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase) is portrayed as the old white guy of the bunch and can be a bit of a bigot at times towards Troy, Abed, and Shirley. Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown) is portrayed as a recently divorced mother of three, proud African-American woman who dreams of owning her own Brownie baking business. She is also a devout Christian and these tend to push people the wrong way. Annie Edison (Allison Brie) is portrayed as an extremely diligent Jewish girl who is 21 but already in her third year of community college. She is essentially the schoolgirl of the group. As mentioned earlier Professor Ben Chang (Ken Jeong) portrays the crazy Spanish teacher who eventually works his way into the Spanish study group. The last but not least character is Greendale Community College Dean Craig Pelton (Jim Rash). Dean Pelton desires to make his community college function more like a real university. He is one of the craziest characters on the show due to his cross-dressing and strange activities he sponsors.

The bottom line is this show contains a lot of different stereotypes and can even be considered racist at times. However, the show knows when to go there and when not to go there so that people wont feel offended.


2 thoughts on “Stereotypes of NBC’s Community

  1. I’ve watched Community quite a bit and have felt ambivalent about the portrayal of APA characters. You do a good job of describing them–how might you relate this more clearly to some of the concepts from class (e.g., yellow peril? forever foreigner?).

  2. Abed is not considered an outsider because of his race; it’s because of his lack of understanding of emotions… Get your facts right

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