Representations of Women

The representations of women in the media offend times does not display the strengths or power of women, but rather displays women in a way that only focuses on gender stereotypes or as sex symbols that are used to get people to buy products. In one form of media; video games, most women are represented as the beautiful thing you save or the prize at the end of the game. Most of the popular video games star a strong male main character holding a gun to appeal to a mostly male audience. I wanted to show off one of my favorite games that breaks the mole and promotes a strong female main character. The game is called Mirror’s Edge.

Mirror’s Edge is a first-person, free running action game developed by Digital Illusions CE, DICE, and published by Electronic Arts. One of the things that sets this game apart is the main character. Her name is Faith and she is a short hair, and non-sexualized female protagonist who also happens to be Asian. She a free runner that runs around a near-future dystopian city were its citizens are oppressed and monitored constantly to prevent any crime or terrorism. Unlike a lot of women in video games, Faith is strong and able to defend herself against large group of enemies. She also isn’t dressed in scantily clad clothes. She’s dressed in running gear and sports strong tattoos on her face and arms. In the game Faith is an activist that helps out an underground group that aims to fight back the oppressive leaders. Faith is one of the reasons why Mirror’s Edge is one of my favorite video games. There is so much to like about her and I wish that more games would have more characters like Faith, but the truth is that games like Mirrors Edge don’t sell very many copies because they don’t appeal to the male buyer. They want to play game like Call of Duty where a strong female protagonist is nowhere to be found. Instead they are replaced by big breasted, scantily clad dressed women that need to be saved or are just there to kind of help out the male character. Luckily there are more games like Mirror’ Edge. A couple notable games  are; Beyond good and Evil and Half-Life 2. Hopefully games like these can push for strong female character representations in future games.  250px-Mirror's_Edge


One thought on “Representations of Women

  1. Good consideration of how women are depicted in video games! Do you think these games might also bring a more diverse base to the gaming world? We will be discussing more about the representation of women in video games in class so maybe you can discuss Mirror’s Edge then.

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