Asian American in family guy

Family guy is one of the most popular animated TV shows in the US. Basically family guy makes fun of everyone but there are a lot of stories about Asian Americans as well.

Here is some clips from Family guys about Asian American.

Do you think it is ok to make fun of racial stereotypes because it is a comedy TV show or do you think it is not appropriate to bring racial stereotypes to TV shows even if it is made in order to make people laugh? Some people may think it is ok because it is comedy but other people may not.

Bringing up racial stereotypes to TV shows can create new stereotypes which not many people did not know and it makes people believe those stereotypes. For instance, in the first clip, Asian lady who speaks heavily accented and broken English drives a car and cut across several lanes and causes some accidents. This is a typical negative stereotype of bad Asian American woman driver. However before I moved to the US from Japan, I had a totally opposite stereotype against American people, which is American people are bad drivers. Then I realized that stereotypes are usually just made up things.

Since family guy is a really popular TV show, it has a big influence as well. As we learn in class, now we liveing the media culture. So what we think and believe are really affected by media. This TV show leads to help people make ultimate attribution errors. Last time I blogged about an Asian American actor “Steaven Yuen” who refuges typical Asian American stereotypes through his act and real life. What he is doing in media effects people to realize wrong stereotypes. On the other hand family guy makes fun of those wrong stereotypes.

Personally I like Family guy and I laugh at Asian stereotypical jokes even I am Asian because I understand that they are just jokes and they are so exaggerated. Overall, my opinion is that it is ok to laugh at racial jokes as long as you remember that they are just jokes.


One thought on “Asian American in family guy

  1. I have to admit that I’ve never seen an entire episode of Family Guy! One way to consider these jokes is to categorize them as mocking or mimicry–what do you think? They don’t rise to the level of satire (which challenges the stereotype and gets us to think differently about it). How might they fit into the larger framework of “yellowface logics?”

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