Portrayal of Women


I just want to start off by saying that i’m really sorry if im saying anything or something wrong about, what I think how women are portrayed in general and in media. I believe that for many years and decades ago women were treated as or should I say had role to care for the children, cook the food, wash the clothes and many more. Women didn’t have the rights to vote and say in many cases. But time has changed and little by little women are being treated better. I know that it’s unfair how women are not treated as equal as men. With media I believe that it’s going to be very hard for women to take another step to be as equal as men. Because of media women are treated unfairly. The things that go on media like, body figure, being sexy, and because if this issue it’s hard for women to step it up and  make any progress. Women are seen as sexy and beautiful and men see women as these tools that they don’t have any respect towards but only for his pleasure. Media creates this image that degrades the actual potential in a women. Throughout history women have  succeeded and fought many battles to stand and be respected as they should be, but I believe that media has created this horrible image and inaccurate stereotypes that affects women.

As a kid growing up I have personally noticed many thing, like how differently a boy and a girl grows up. As a child a grew up with an older brother and a younger sister, we were totally different not in our physical features and appearances but on the things that we did. I have noticed that when we were younger my little sister always would play dress up with her girlie doll toys and dress all pretty. For my brother and I we were the little crazy one always getting in to trouble, eating dirt, and fighting each other after an awesome show of dragon ball z. This just shows how women were brought up as kids and how men were brought up as kids. Both parties are totally different in many ways. But media plays this unfair role that create horrible images of women and false stereotypes of women. I believe that women take in so much responsibility then they can handle.It’s a hard a cruel world for all women. Personally, I am not a women and I wouldn’t know how it like to be in a women’s shoes, but I can tell you this it ain’t easy being a women.


One thought on “Portrayal of Women

  1. It’s good that you notice the inequities for women–you mention that media plays an unfair role and creates “horrible images” and “false stereotypes.” What sorts of images and stereotypes did you see growing up? How does this relate to some of the concepts from class?

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