Representation of Women

As I was scrolling through my television guide I stumbled across the movie “Pretty Women”. This of course is the 1990 movie starring Richard Greer and Julia Roberts. This movie follows a hot shot business man (RIchard Greer) who is on a business trip, he meets up with Julia Roberts who is playing as a high end prostitute in the Beverly Hills area. The two begin to fall in love and the characters drastically change throughout the film. I believe that this certain covers at least two specific examples that we have covered the last week during our in class lectures. Throughout these next two paragraphs I will relate what we talked about in class to the movie. 

In class and the reading we talked about how we view women as sexual objects or as having hyper-sexual tendencies. That women in media or on television are always skinny and good looking. In the movie Pretty Woman you have Julia Roberts who is very good looking and thin playing this hyper-sexual role, also throughout the movie you do not see over-weight women at all every woman that you see throughout the movie happens to be attractive and very thin. It just shows how people get this thin/attractive image of women throughout the media. Even twenty years ago people were trying to spread the image of all women being thin and attractive. I believe that this is something that is very wrong and it does not give much for non-thin women to connect themselves with through advertisements or movies. 

I will give the movie some credit for not completely degrading the image of women.Throughout the movie you see a drastic change in the character that Julia Roberts plays. In the very beginning she is dressed in old hand-me-down clothes and doesn’t really speak with a whole lot of common sense. Once she meets Richard Greer you start to here become a more intelligent and well dressed woman. I believe that this correlates with what we talked about yesterday during class with the whole Psychological resistance vs. Political Resistance. I think that in the beginning of the movie Julia Roberts character believed that she did not live up to the image that many of the women in the movie did and it sort of frustrated her. As the movie progressed she turned into this very intelligent, good looking, and absolutely polite girl that many people are starting to view as today. Although it did not make a good push and putting different figures of women in the movie it did show that people should learn to not just classify women into certain groups and that women are just as capable as men at doing things to be successful in life. 

I believe that advertisements and media should begin to another way, and start to incorporate non-thin women, so that women who might not be model or ultra skinny have something to connect with. I believe that the same thing goes for movies, and I have actually experienced movies recently that have shown these changes and also giving other women chances to connect with women in these movies. 

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One thought on “Representation of Women

  1. Good consideration of how the movie Pretty Woman exhibits ambivalence toward the Julia Roberts character. It seems that as more women have control over the modes of production we might see greater diversity in representations.

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