Where My Asian Brothas At?

Throughout my youth I have grown up watching a lot of television.  Our generation of television has evolved into watching reality television series.  One we may all be familiar with is the renowned MTV’s, “The Real World”.  A mixture of races, ethnicities, and classes of young adults thrown in a house to live with each other.  But never in the series has there been an Asian male housemate.  This symbolic annihilation of an Asian male identity is staggering!  I mean after 28 seasons airing they can’t find an Asian male to represent?  This absence of an asian male identity further feeds onto the perceptions of Asian males in society today.  Today, society frames asian males in a bad light, either seeing them as a nerdy straight A brain, or running around as Ash Ketchum at a comic convention.  I believe someone needs to represent us Asian brothers that get no love from the media.  There needs to be an Asian male on The Real World, it may be the one and only race and gender the show hasn’t touched on!  Because as of now, they are receiving non-recognition from the public and media.  This sense of non recognition in the media is what stems into these false ideas of Asian males.  Asian women on the other hand have been included in the seasons of the Real World, which is good for them.  Way to go my asian sistas!  There have been a few seasons in which the cast included an Asian woman.  


Asian least give an Asian male a shot.  At least, if there were an Asian male on the real would then the public could ridicule.  This symbolic annihilation of Asian males is what leads to the roles we see on TV today.  In movies they are martial arts super heroes, or doctors on medical teams on shows.  I do not believe I have ever seen a romance movie about an Asian guy.  I always thought that was kind of weird growing up seeing all these movies, but never having a character portray my identity as an Asian male.  Have any of you reading this seen any movies out there where the Asian dude gets the chick?  Once us Asian males start taking steps into the world of media, then maybe we can gain, and who knows, maybe even earn some respect.  Keep your heads up fellas hopefully soon we’ll start seeing an identity of an Asian male out there.    


One thought on “Where My Asian Brothas At?

  1. I have not watched “The Real World” in years and had no idea that there has never been an Asian American male student included! Not even a mixed-race Asian American male student? You raise many good points in your post about how these missing representations limit both other roles for AA men and how they affected you. There’s a post on the site http://youoffendmeyouoffendmyfamily.com that lists some movies with AA male romantic leads, but most are older movies.

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