Thai Airline Sexy Calender too Hot For the Government

When I wrote my In the News it correlates to the optional blog topic, which is “representations/non-representations of women and girls.” How my in the news correlates to this blog post is because I wrote about how women in Thailand who are female models for an airline in Thailand. Where they are being represented by implicit and explicit yellow face. As we discussed in class these two terms, these female models are both being represented by non Asian Americans and Asian Americans.

I found it interesting that as I was reading this article, that gender had played a major factor because these female models is the only gender that is being represented in the calendar. Even though gender has played a major factor, it seems that everyone in “Thailand feels comfortable seeing the female form displayed in such fashion” (CNN 2013). In the article it talks about how the media in Thailand, the “calendar demonstrates that some business refuse to stop using women’s bodies as a marketing tool” (CNN 2013). When this statement was said, I really think that it is true because when we look at females for clothing lines, such as Victoria Secret; women are being used as a marketing tool rather than covering themselves up. What these women are wearing in this photo, influences what other people think of them.

Even though this article focused on woman, I had questioned myself, “well what if this calendar was represented by males? Would that have made a difference?.” In general, I feel that women are being talk down upon than males, for how they are being represented. On a different note, I feel that we do not see much Asian American/Pacific Islanders that are being represented as much. Even though this article was based off of a Thailand airline, it seems that females are being used rather than males.

In the article it also states how the calendar “lacks social and cultural responsibility and ignore social and cultural repercussions –particularly female dignity” (The Nation, 2013). I personally feel that this is an issue we have discussed in class. The fact that cultural is being ignored where those who do not live in Thailand will not interpret what the message is. Where it is bringing negative attitudes toward Thailand females. That is how I understood it. The article is about females dressing sexy, being a form of a “sex symbol” and wanting those models rather than really focusing on the bigger picture.



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