Representations of Women in Media: Commercial Advertisements

Women in media are represented in multiple ways, but the way that sticks out to me most is the woman sex symbol in advertisements. I feel like I am continuously seeing women in every other television commercial being sexy, provocative, and wearing less and less clothing. An example that sticks out in my mind regarding this topic of advertisement commercials degrading and sexualizing women in several ways would be the numerous Carl’s Jr. commercials. The Carl’s Jr. commercials always have one ridiculously sexy famous actress or model wearing just skimpy bikini, or very sexy dress. The models and actresses in these commercials over the years have included Audrina Patridge, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, and Paris Hilton. These commercials consist of the model or actress seductively taking their first bite of the super size hamburger or sandwich very slowly and opening their mouth very wide to fit the entire burger in. Men and women can eat fast food and these commercials are aimed to convince both men and women to have their food as well. Men are obviously mesmerized by the sexy woman eating the hamburger making it looks so sexy. While with the same as women, it also makes them think if she can eat that hamburger and still look that good in a bikini then I should be able to also. When really if men see women, maybe not as fit as these models but average weight, eating these huge hamburger meals they would most likely think that woman is a pig and how can she eat that whole thing. The sexy Carl’s Jr. commercials have been on television for as long as I can remember, and I don’t think I have seen one of their commercials have a man eating the hamburger. Overall, I think Carl’s Jr. is selling sex and sexy images of women rather than selling their food product. Another example, of how media portrays women as sexual symbols, I noticed is in the commercials. Not only are the women in these commercials insanely gorgeous models and actresses, overly thin, tan, and have long luscious hair, but now they are just known for their looks and aren’t seen as nearly intelligent as men. In the commercial I found, the narrator is talking about a woman named Charlene and she is symbolizing how the website attracts customers because she is sexy. While the Asian man named Karl is how keeps their customers because he is the intelligent server that provides the customers support. These horrible images of women being sex symbols and only seen for their beauty and not their brains in media has become a major problem for women in the U.S.

kate-upton-carls-jr-burger-ad-cap-01-580x435 nina_agdal_carls_jr_super_bowl_2013



2 thoughts on “Representations of Women in Media: Commercial Advertisements

  1. You’ve hit on 2 sets of commercials that regularly receive criticism for portrayals of women. How might this connect to some of the concepts we’ve discussed in class such as controlling images, archetypes, or stages of representation?

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