The article is about how the state of Mississippi officially banned slavery, even though there is an Amendment in the United States Constitution.  The 13th Amendment basically stated that slavery is outlawed, and that Amendment was adopted about 148 years ago.  When it became part of the United States Constitution each state must officially ratified the Amendment, to make sure it was agreed and makes it official to that state.  In 1995 Mississippi ratified the Amendment, “or they though they did.”  What happened was they never officially notified the US Archivist.   So technically it is not official, even though it passed the Senate and House of Mississippi.  For some reason though, “the paperwork was never sent to the Office of the Federal Register.”  On February 7th, 2013 finally received conformation it is now officially ratified the 13th Amendment. 

First off I would like to say that this article is pretty disturbing and shocking to me.  Not that the fact that there was some mistakes or miscommunication on it being officially ratified, but that fact that they didn’t even start the ratification of that Amendment in 1995, that appalled me the most.  By technicality in the state of Mississippi it was legal to have slaves until they ratify the Amendment.  This directly is connected to oppression.  People in power used slaves for farming even though the 13th Amendment was put in the United States Constitution.  The people in power had to know that it was not official until it is ratified.  Most states ratified that amendment within a year it was put into the Constitution.   The first time the state try to ratify it, they rejected it.  After it was rejected, years passed and was never officially ratified.  The ideology of that time was slavery was acceptable.  Having slavery made the society a hierarchy right away.  It’s hard to believe that once it was rejected it was never relooked at.  It’s disturbing that a few people have so much say in our laws and they know the loop holes.  I kind of reflect this on politics because we have given them so much power they basically almost speak for us and feed us what we want to hear.  People must have the political resistance; stand up for what we want and believe is right.  If we stop because these few people in power say “no” then we all lose our voices.   It can be difficult to make a change, but if you make your voice heard people will at least listen.  And in return your voice can grow form that and make the changes you want.



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  1. It is always surprising when state laws still exist that seem to have been outlawed long ago. Do you think the recognition that these mistakes need to be corrected signal a larger shift in attitudes toward race? How did the media cover the issue? Did they find anyone who disagreed with changing state law?

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