Equal Opportunity

Since the World War II, Asians have been a major power source in the United States Military. They have been the combat, combat support, medicine, operations, communications and intelligence. Although this small portion of Asian population helped pitch in for the win of the great fight, they are not as recognized as the White people. There are many movies out there with Blacks in the military and their triumphant battles. However, there isn’t a single one for the Asians. Today, Asian Americans make up an important portion of the United States Military. With diverse backgrounds, language skills and educational backgrounds, Asians have a far more advancements in the military careers. However, we have a limit and a wall that is stopping us from getting to a higher position in the military. General Shinsheki was the first Asian American to become a Four-star General and Joint Chief of Staff. The barrier that we must break in order to climb the rank tree is little by little getting smaller.

 I am a soldier in the United States Army for almost three years. I have been to Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training, as well as Officer Leaders Development Assessment Course. These various types of trainings are to break down and built up a civilian to make a soldier. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians from all over the country and all over the world come to the base to train and become a member of a team. The military is always saying “one team one fight.” But do we always get along and complete the mission without any issues? No. Racism is still alive in the military. With all the Sexual Harassments classes, Equal Opportunity classes that the military members are to take in a mandatory manner, they are just for official paperwork showing proof of class taken. When it comes back to training, and work environment, racism towards Asians is shown. Yellowface logic is the main issue with the military. As for personal experience I have outstanding physical test scores, and high testing scores that qualifies to attend combat training such as Airborne, Air Assault Schools. I requested to attend the following schools but was denied and the slot was given to a soldier that was white. The higher denied Asians and Blacks in the unit. This represents forever foreigner where we are always trying but can not get to where we want to. Secondly, my paperwork is always missing. My unit has almost 300 soldiers with variety of races including Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asians. With only five Asians in the unit, it is impossible to lose our paperwork. However, I was just informed two days ago that all our paperwork was lost. This does not make sense to how United States Army is known to be the best Army in the world and is losing soldiers’ paperwork? Lastly, I was wrongfully put on a board on whether to kick me out or not from the US Army. I was in Fort Lewis, Washington for Officer Leadership training. During the situational training exercise, I did exactly what was in the book and to the doctrine. From beginning to end, the instructor (White) wasn’t very pleased. I have performed if not better, than the other soldiers and I was placed in a board to get kicked out? I believe this is due to the color of my skin. Although I was still able to stay in due to my outstanding performance, the instructor still has the prejudice and opinion of Whites being superior when it comes to combat.



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