Gina Carano & Haywire

Gina Corron & Haywire

The topic of misrepresentation of women in the media is a big controversy surrounding us today. There have been negative stereotypes regarding women throughout the years, but that is all changing. One media outlet is the movies, where we can see this change happening. In a movie called, “Haywire” the main character is a woman named, Gina Carrano. Gina Carrano is an interesting woman because before this role in “Haywire” she never acted before. She was actually a UFC fighter and occasionally did some modeling. The writers of “Haywire” wrote this script just for Gina and I find that remarkable. The movie itself is about a black ops super soldier who seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission. Throughout the whole movie she was stronger, smarter and one step ahead of all her enemies. I felt like every action movie I’ve seen had a male main character so to see this change was a pleasant surprise. The SCWAMP framework is used in this movie but the writers changed it in a way by having a woman as the lead character. The story of Gina’s life also plays into the stages of representation, in the beginning of her career she was in the regulation stage by being looked at as an ordinary UFC fighter with no other qualities, but as her career grew she entered the respect stage by getting into acting and modeling. She wanted to show people,” I can do whatever I want to do” and even with minimal acting experience she proved critics wrong. She not only was the lead in an action movie but she did an amazing job. After watching this movie, I now even questioned Hollywood. Why not have more women leading characters in action movies? I believe that women are better at acting than men. In most roles I’ve seen more emotions and more realistic views played by women. Even though this movie was a good representation of women, I still felt like the main character had some set back just because she was a woman. The writers made the actress seem vulnerable at times during the movie just because she was a woman. When a male lead plays an action hero it seems like he has no emotions, is strong and unbreakable; in my opinion they should have represented Gina’s character in the same way, but in “Haywire” they didn’t. I believe women all over are trying to change negative images represented towards them and challenge those messages by using political resistance. Gina can be looked at as a role model by women because in a way she is using political resistance to change how people view women. The main reason why I chose to write about Gina is to show that we can have a woman playing the main character in an action movie. Women are capable to do anything and in the future I do see more women having bigger roles in society. We discussed in class that there is not a lot of representation of women in media, but all this is changing. If you think about it, 50 years ago we had less representation of women than we do now. Maybe in 50 years from now there will be more representation of women, then men.


One thought on “Gina Carano & Haywire

  1. I haven’t seen this movie but am curious about it–I am not sure that adding typical “feminine” characteristics really expands a female action hero, but it’s good that there’s an attempt to have a well-rounded female action hero.

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