The Walking Dead: Andrea

Walking Dead is a show about apocalyptic America where zombies run the streets in search for the last survivors. The show is about of a group of survivors in Atlanta Georgia, which shows their struggles to stay alive in the new world. In the first season, when hiding on the outskirts of Atlanta, the women’s role in the group was to take care of the meals, watch the children and wash the clothes of the other members. In the series, the women’s responsibility is that of caretakers. Throughout the series, most of these women still retain this stereotypical role.

One character in particular, Andrea, tries to break the dominant ideology of women as care takers by taking on dangerous roles. Andrea’s character is a strong and opinionated woman who attempts to break the stereotypes that women recieve.

After the death of her sister, Andrea wants more responsibility in the group by providing protection. Although this is a role the men usually take upon themselves, Andrea is forced to prove that she is capable of such a task. Throughout the series the men of the group oppress Andrea and her ideas. The men of the group do not take Andrea seriously with her offer of protecting the group. Later in the series Andrea is then taught how to use and maintain a gun properly and learns to protect the group from the zombies.

While trying to break the stereotypical role of a woman, Andrea is then marginalized from the group. When at a farm where the group seeks refuge, Andrea begins to feel like an outcast of the group. At the end of the third season, she is separated from the group and forced to fend for herself.

In the stages of representation of Andrea, I feel that her character is at the respect stage. This is true due to the actions that Andrea takes upon herself in the series.Image


One thought on “The Walking Dead: Andrea

  1. It sounds like the evolution of Andrea’s character is toward something different–however, it’s very interesting that the character is “marginalized.” What larger message do you think that sends to viewers? What sorts of things do they say to or about Andrea beyond separating her from the group?

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