Women in the media (Breaking Bad)


Breaking Bad takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The star is Walter white, played by Bryan Cranston, and co-stars Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul. In the series Walter white gets diagnosed with lung cancer and on top of that he is an already struggling chemistry teacher.  Due to his failing health Walter White turns to a life of crime to secure his family’s financial future. 

Skyler is married to Walter White. To begin, Skyler is a smart character, in a later episode we see how good she is at accounting. However, when we first meet Skyler, she is a typical at home mom and she is pregnant. This reinforces the idea that women belong in the household cooking and cleaning while the husband is away working. She eventually breaks this stereotype by getting a job in accounting. Later in the show, Skyler finds out about Walter’s drug dealing and she helps him manage his finances by buying a car wash. On one hand, this shows that Skyler is very supportive of her husband and wants the best for the family, on the other hand, it is a bad move to help in the dealing of drugs. To cover up the way they bought a car wash, she said that Walter White had a gambling problem and won big. This again supports that she a good wife, but a bad person for contributing to drug dealing. Skyler is portrayed as a dragon lady because she is does more harm then good. For example, she helps Walter with drug dealing and later detaches herself from him completely.

Another female character from Breaking Bad is Marie Schrader. Marie Shrader is Skyler White’s sister. In the show Marie Schrader has a stealing problem and goes to homes that are for sale and steals things. Most of the things she steals are small, but this gives a negative vibe because she is stealing. Eventually, Marie Schrader gets help and this reflects positively because she identifies her problems and fixes them. She is not really shown as worker, but she did say that she worked at a radiology center. This is positive because it breaks the mold that a women should stay at home because we see that a lot in television. She is more portrayed as a lotus blossom of the show, but does go through some bumps getting there. 

In the end, the show is a good show and is breaks ground, but not much for women. In the show itself, we see the protagonist, Walter White. become the antagonist. We see Walter break bad and become an immoral man. To apply SCWAMPP to this.

(S)traight- Not a single gay couple on the show. (C)hristian- this show is far from christian as it gets. (W)hite-No, a lot of different races in the show. (A)blebodied-A lot of able-bodied people in the show, Hank Schrader is the farthest from this and that is not very far. (M)ale-No, a variety of females appear in the show.  (P)roperty Owner- from what is shown, everyone on that shows owns property. 


One thought on “Women in the media (Breaking Bad)

  1. I’m not sure I agree that Skyler is a “dragon lady” and that Marie is a “lotus blossom.” I would argue that each is more complex than the labels you apply. The SCWAMP framework is one way of considering how privilege is reinforced. For example, although you say a variety of races are included in the show, are the “good guys” and the protagonists primarily of one race?

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