Amazon Kindle Pro-Gay Commercial


Hello APA 340, it’s Tuesday and like most students I usually wait until the last minute to do my blogs or “in the news” articles. But after running into Amazon’s commercial while watching the television, I knew I was supposed to do my blog today. This week’s topic is about how gay, lesbian, and transgendered people are represented in media. Well this commercial couldn’t of came at a more clutch time. 

So I’m sitting down eating a PB&J sandwich, hanging out with my friends, and watching boring commercials, typical. None of us were really watching the commercials as usual. Then the Amazon commercial came up. It immediately appealed to me because it had a nice beach setting with a woman in a bikini in it, my friends were honed in as well. Listening but not particular caring for the dialogue, the plot reveals that the man talking to the woman was gay. Surprised, my friends and I discussed what we had just saw. We all had never seen a commercial that was promoting gay ideology in media. I typed it in on Google (of course) to see if this was something the Internet had taken notice of and as predicted, it did.

There are tons of articles on Google talking about this commercial. Of course there are articles that are in heavy support of it’s release, along with others who are trying to make a big fuss about it. After researching Amazon and their pro-gay stance, I didn’t find the commercial as shocking anymore. I’m really interested to see if this becomes a bigger deal than it needs to be, because some radicals will HAVE to voice their opinion on the subject.

Since being in APA 340, I’ve taken particular notice to how people of different backgrounds are represented differently in media. It seems to me that gay, lesbian, or transgender people might be on the road to greater acceptance in our country’s media. I could even say that gay individuals are in the “regulation/respect” stage in the 4 stages of representation, if couples are being represented on national commercials having a jolly good time on the beach. I wonder now if there will be more commercials supporting gay, lesbian, or transgendered people and how it will alter peoples’ views on the subject. I think it would be a step forward if we could learn to represent every group of people (race, gender, etc.) in a positive light in the media.


One thought on “Amazon Kindle Pro-Gay Commercial

  1. This was an engaging blog–but I would have liked to see the pro/con discourse surrounding the commercial as well as Amazon’s official support. Were there actual articles on this or just postings with opinion (e.g., on Twitter or Tumblr)? I hope that representations are progressing for LGBT community, but they may still be limited (see fellow classmate’s blog post titled “GLBT stereotypes . . .”).

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