Homosexuality in the Media

Throughout my life I have seen a lot of similar representations of gay and lesbian people represented in the media. I remember back to the first time I ever saw a representation of a homosexual person through the media and it was through the sitcom Will and Grace. Which follows two roommates, Will (played by Eric McCromack) and Grace (Debra Messing) , through their daily lives. This is the first time that I was able to see the typical white, well off, handsome, gay man that was represented by the character Will in this show. I have to say that things have not changed that much since my first encounter with a gay man through the media. I have noticed that the interesectionality for many of the different sexual orientations has always been represented through a white, higher class, homosexual, male. He had been that way for a very long time until a lot of different talk shows and reality TV shows began to have more and more gay and lesbian representations.

I have also noticed that in almost every Real World season that they have either two gay gentlemen or at least two lesbian women. They have started to represent homosexuals a whole lot more than they use to and this is very apparent in many of the new reality T.V. shows. What I have noticed though is these representations are only through people whom are white. Many of the other races you do not see represented in a homosexual or transgender role. I honestly cannot think of an African American or Asian American who is homosexual who is constantly represented through the media. This relates back to what I discussed earlier in the blog about the intersectionality, you never really see an intersection for African American gay men or African American lesbian women.

The last thing that I would like to discuss is that fact that many gay men are represented as very feminine in the media. This also applies to women who are lesbian being very manly in the media. These men are portrayed as very feminine with the way that they talk, the way that they dress and also the way that they act in certain situations. I have noticed that there really has never been a manly male portrayed in homosexual representation. Not all homosexuals are feminine, and I have actually met a few that you would not even know were homosexual until they told you. I believe that the media should start to represent homosexuals in more than just the feminine way. On the other side you usually only see women may act more masculine when they are lesbian; such as the way they were the hair, the way that they dress and the way that may act. A good example of this would be Ellen DeGeneres who is the star of her own talk show called Ellen. She dresses in a very tom boyish way and I believe that is something that she is a person who a lot of different lesbians in the world identify with. Although Ellen does not act as masculine as some of the other representations she still dresses and wears her hair in a way that many other lesbians do.

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