Changing strerotype of gender

In the traditional views of a couple, the male must be stronger, richer, in higher or same class, and taller than the female. The female usually had less power to control the issues outside their home and to control things about the male. The male always performed the main roles in their houses, in the offices, and in every kind of environment and conditions. Male was the dominant of the society and in a relationship. However, as time is going, this kind of stereotype is no longer to be a standard stereotype in a relationship.  ImageDue to the rapid development of feminism, female has more right reserved for them to choose what they want to do. For example, female can work in the office with male, can be the manager of a group of males, and can be working in the government. These changes are all because of the improvement of technology and the increased productivity of female. Nowadays, female can go to school, sit next to male student, and are treated mostly equally the same as the male students. Patriarchy is no longer the dominant in the society but feminism. Female, especially the beautiful and sexy girls and women, is more likely to be the gender being protected by law and culture than the male. The stereotype of female is weak, less powerful than male and requiring assistance, even though they sometimes are much stronger than male in some aspects such as education. Because of the rise of female, male becomes passive and taking the traditional role of female, which is staying at home, taking care of babies, doing housework, and serving their wives when they come back from work. ImageAll these things were supposed to be performed by the female. As the female social status rises, the discrimination and judgment toward female significantly decrease. Therefore, female has her right to choose who from which race at what age in which social class to be her husband. We also know that the law about marriage has the intention to protect female, for instance, the law says the male have to divide and give his properties according to a specific percentage to the female if they divorce, but the law does not say anything to protect the male. It is fair to female because they are weak, in some meanings. Therefore, female becomes more influential while male becomes less strong in the society.


3 thoughts on “Changing strerotype of gender

  1. Interesting analysis of the role of women–however, statistics don’t necessarily back this up. Women are still paid less than men for the same work and don’t hold as many leadership positions despite graduating in equal or greater numbers than men. How might media representations contribute to these continuing disparities?

    • I couldn’t see much media represents the inequality in working environment on wages. However, I always saw that the bosses are men, managers are women, and the lowest level positions are usually men like construction workers. In the TV shows I saw, the female main character is always the most attractive one. She is much more popular than the male characters. It may because of the changing of the gender dominating the society.

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