Our Privilege?

This article is about how Asians in the American society deals with privileges in everything. Being able to get jobs easily, or expected to attend prestigious schools, Asians are portrays as a hand-me-down, no effort required, and a easily gained race in the American Society. This is a very poor satire and shows that Asians are expected to be in engineering field, doctors, lawyers and have a higher income not because of the fact that Asians try hard, and their endless effort got them where they are now, but because the society just freely gives that opportunity to them. “If an Asian applies for a job at a bank or on the police force, he or she is welcomed with open arms. When an Asian commits a crime, people are shocked. When an Asian is appointed to the head of the Department of Energy, everyone knowingly nods their head. Asian privilege pervades every part of our day-today life and it’s time they joined the conversation about race.” This statement shows that the writer or the author of this article clearly does not know the history of Asian American immigration. To get to where we are, ancestors did not build railroads or search for gold in the mines. To get to where we are, ancestors did not come across the world to just farm in the States. Author here clearly does not know the hardships and the efforts Asian Americans go through in a day to day basis to get to where they are. It may be a bit easier to get into the government organizations and armed forces but that is just to make out the racial proportion in the services. However, are medical doctor degrees just handed to them? are juris doctorate given to them like its nothing? The problem here is cultural, not race based. You don’t see a lot of caucasian families encouraging their kids to pursue a career in engineering or medicine or even law. Whereas other cultures overseas are highly encouraging of their kids to follow these career paths. To be blunt, you do not see a lot of white people encouraging their kids to pursue high paying jobs because of THEIR PRIVILEGE, especially in the upper middle class to upper classes because they have the good fortune for it not to be necessary. A lot of Asian families know what it is like to come from nothing and just wanting to make sure the children and future generations never experience the same. Also , part of it is to raise their class status so they have the “FACE” value, as that is is a huge part of Asian culture. 



One thought on “Our Privilege?

  1. You do a good job of considering how the achievement of Asian American students should be considered in the context of recent immigrants. How did the article reflect larger media issues?

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