Asian players in the NFL

Football is one of the most popular sports in the US along with baseball and basketball. Super bowl sunday is becoming a national holiday in the US. So many people watch NFL games. I am not a big fan of football, but I still enjoy watching the games especially watching powerful and physical plays are so exciting. In the NFL, we see a lot of African American players and caucasian players. Asian NFL players are hardly seen. Why Aren’t there more Asian playing Football?

First of all, here is some Asian NFL players.
Haruki Nakamura (California Panthers) He is a Japanese American NFL player. His height is 4 ft 10 in, weight is 205 lb.
Hines Ward is half Korean and Half African American and born in Korean. He was one of the most successful Asian American football players.
Ed Wang(Philadelphia Eagles) He was the first full Chinese NFL player. Here is a short story about him.

Secondly, football is not popular outside of the US especially in Asian. So unlike baseball or basketball, there are really few professional players coming from other countries. Because there is no world championships of football like olympic or world cup, the opportunities to find out great players from other countries are very limited.

Additionally, Asians tend to be smaller than African American or caucasian people which is a big disadvantage when it comes to physical plays. Of cause, this is just a common sense, there are many big Asian people so we can not completely say that football is not a good sport for Asian. However personally I see more Asian players who have great skills on legerity. I guess it is because of Asian’s smaller bodies.

Also the Asian population is only about 5 percent of the US population now. So it is not surprised to see quite few Asian football players in the NFL compared to the other races. However as we know, the Asian population in the US has been increasing with high rate recently. Also football is getting more international. There are so many countries including Asian countries watching NFL games on sundays nowadays. I believe that in the near future, we will see more Asian football players in the NFL.

Although football has to do with body and usually Asian people have smaller builts, there are some great Asian American NFL players. Also as the Asian population itself has been increasing in the US, I believe that more Asian football players will be successful in the future. Then they will erase the the image of smaller and less powerful Asian.


One thought on “Asian players in the NFL

  1. It was interesting to read about AA football players. I think if you also looked more at Pacific Islanders you’d find a few more. Your discussion of why the numbers are limited and some of the stereotypes that perpetuate this view are helpful. However, how does the media reinforce this?

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