Gay’s and Lesbians in Media


The representation of Gays and Lesbians in media is very stereotypical. For instance, how gay’s are represented mainly in media as being more feminine, so they have a tendency to be more aware of popular brand names and what are considered “In Style.” This is shown in the movie Legally Blonde, where the gay suspect was commenting on the character Elle Woods as having an out dated shoe. Other ways that gays can be represented as being very manly from the outside, which is typical representation in television shows mostly but can also be seen in music videos. For instance, the music video “Call me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, where the man in the music video was being someone who people can fall for and would want to date, but in the end that person ended up being gay. As for Lesbians in media are portrayed more as being more sexy and erotic by showing them usually kissing, or wearing erotic clothing to show some attraction to the characters. From this, you can see that the differences of how gay’s and lesbians are represented. Gay’s shown in media tend to stand out more and are usually more concealed into secrecy, while Lesbians are more open and a lot more common and more accepting to society  then Gay’s in America. As for some countries such as Japan shows gays and lesbians as being less accepting, therefore how gays or lesbian are being shown in media, mostly in anime and other animated products in Japan as being someone that can’t belong in the society because they can’t find a mate or no one is willing to come out and speak the truth because it is not common in Japan, and they can be pushed aside as being odd. Therefore, gay’s and lesbians usually don’t show up in Media as often in other countries.


One thought on “Gay’s and Lesbians in Media

  1. It seems like this posting could be developed a bit further by discussion some specific examples. I was intrigued by the attempt to compare with other countries and would be interested in hearing more about these comparisons.

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