Intersectionality involving different genders and gays.

Gay and Lesbian couples to me have always seem to be looked down upon, and especially if those couples were raising children. I think it is awful that two people of the same gender can’t raise a child as their own without getting judged by others. I decided to research this subject and came upon a video from the show “What would you do”. In this episode there were two examples shown. The first example was of two lesbian women walking into a diner with a little boy and a little girl. After sitting down, the waitress, who is also an actor, asks who’s children they are. When the lesbian couple responds that it is their children, the waitress responds negatively for the other customers to hear. She states “your raising kids like that? Well they need Dad’s, I’m not the one in public kissing all over another woman, in front of my kids, I actually have morals and standards”. After seeing this I would have expected the customers to protect the lesbian couple because I assumed that lesbian couples are more acceptable in society than gay couples, especially where they conducted the experiment, which was Texas, which is a red state and has laws that state they can refuse service to gays. Not surprisingly, the customers came to the rescue and protected the lesbian couple and showed much sympathy for them. The next experiment was the one I thought would not end well. It was the exact same scenario but this time it was two gay men instead of two lesbian females. I didn’t expect much support for this couple because they were both male, but according to the video, over half of the customers stepped up and backed the gay couple up with support and comfort. While this was a positive result, there were still some people who acted as I thought they would. There was one certain individual who high-fived the waitress after she denied the gay couple service and stated “good girl”. One out of five gay couples are raising children according to the statistic shown in “What would you do” which is great knowing that more and more people are willing to accept that. While there still is some discrimination against the gay community, I believe that society overall is growing to accept people for who they are and not be so negative about the situation. One other example that I believe fits under this is the subject of miscegenation. Overtime I see people becoming more and more accepting of this subject as well, not only in the real world, but in the media as well, which overall has a huge influence on the public.


Link to video-

-Enrique Jimenez


One thought on “Intersectionality involving different genders and gays.

  1. This was an interesting video–and you begin to address the intersection of sexual orientation and gender. Perhaps relating this just a bit more to the media coverage of LGBT individuals and issues would be helpful.

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