Guess Girl Perfume: The Dominant Representation of Women.

Realizing that I had forgotten to do a blog post on the 8th, I looked to the 8asians website for a news story about Asian Americans I could write a blog post about. I found a YouTuber named Douglas Kim who made a parody of “Rockin’ the Suburbs” called “I’m Asian American.” I thought it would be an interesting video to watch regardless if I was going to post about it or not, so I clicked the link to it. Before the video was an advertisement, of course. The advertisement caught my eye and not in a very positive way.


The ad was for Guess Girl perfume, a new fragrance put out by Guess (which I thought was just a clothing brand, but apparently they make fragrances as well). The main focus of the advertisement was a good looking, blonde, curvy girl and her cleavage. A women’s breast being a focal point in media? No surprise there. Anyways, the commercial starts with a shot of a car rolling up. The second shot is of the woman’s head, but then the third shot was of her spraying spraying perfume on herself (though we all know that third shot was actually a focal point on her breasts). After that, she eventually walks into a hut type bar and everyone stops and looks at her in “aw” of her beauty. She walks up to the counter fanning herself because supposedly it’s a hot day. The guy at the counter (who is also agape by the woman’s presence) realizes this and frantically offers the woman a number of ice cubes. She refuses them away and grabs a couple of them herself, which leads to her rubbing them on her chest in a sexual way.

Most of the time, the representation of women in media is a sexual one. It’s actually quite disappointing that that is the reality. In advertisements to sell certain items like alcohol, clothing, or a perfume, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a women “flaunting what she’s got” in order to appeal to the consumer’s eye. Immediately after I watched the whole advertisement, I went: “That was stuuuuuuuuuuuupid.” Why? Because in an attempt to sell a perfume, Guess focused on a woman’s sexual appearance and then in turn relied on the audience’s desire to sort of be like that woman, therefore wanting to buy the new fragrance.

It disappoints me to know that women are represented in such a disrespectful way in media. Also, the media relies so much on the appearance of women. Instead of relying on such appearances, why not focus on a woman’s success or ability to achieve something? Because of this example put out there, young girls are given a very narrow view of what they can be in life. That alone is very unfortunate.

Click here for the Guess Girl ad.


One thought on “Guess Girl Perfume: The Dominant Representation of Women.

  1. You touch on some key problems with representations of women, but how might these relate to broader issues in terms of some of the theories we’ve discussed in class (such as cultivation analysis?). Or you might also discuss to what extent do such representations reinforce a patriarchal hegemony in society?

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