Pretty Little Liars: Shay Mitchell (plays Emily)

I am a Pretty Little Liars fan, I watch it every week, and I noticed that Shay Mitchell, who was born to a filipino mother, plays a role as Emily Feilds, in Pretty Little Liars. In Pretty Little Liars, Emily is 3 close friends, and she is the one that is the “jock” out of her friends. She is a competitive swimmer at Rosewood High School. Through the media, such as TV shows, you do not see much Asian Americans being represented as LGBT.

Throughout Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell, plays a role of being a lesbain throughout Pretty Little Liars. In the first season of Pretty Little Liars, she hides from her parents for a little while, and eventually Emily expresses herself that she is a lesbian, and they struggle with her being homosexual. Her friends know that she is a lesbian and accepts her for who she is. Emily is in love with her neighbor Maya, which the two begin to date which lead Emily to come out of her shell, that she was lesbian. Emily’s mother has no interest in Maya one’s so ever. Through their relationship, Maya helps Emily to be okay with her sexuality. But through this TV show you see Shay Mitchell showing her affection toward her girlfriend, by kissing her.

At Rosewood High School, Paige ( a caucasian), who is also on the swim team, takes Emily’s place of “being the best swimmer at Rosewood High School.” Where Paige makes fun of Emily of being homophobic, but deep down inside Paige is also lesbian. Watching episodes, of the two, it seems that Paige is discriminated Emily for being a homosexual, but find it weird at the same time becuase she is also a homosexual. I also noticed that Paige seemed scared to express her sexuality to other people, so instead she discriminated her in a way. As I was watching this season, it seemed that Emily was being looked down upon because she was Lesbian, but Paige did not want to admit it herself that she was Lesbian. These two characters also have a romantic relationship, where you see scenes of them kissing one another, and holding hands.

In the media you do not really see Asians playing roles as homosexuals, at least I do not notice it. There is no representations of homosexuals, and watching this show every season, Emily has expressed her sexuality positively, that her mom accepts her own daughter for who she is. Her identity is what makes her who she is throughout this TV show. This show also represnts orientation of those who are lesbians. 240px-2011_MuchMusic_Video_Awards_-_Shay_Mitchell_(PLL)


One thought on “Pretty Little Liars: Shay Mitchell (plays Emily)

  1. I haven’t watched this show, but I have heard of it! It’s interesting to know that they have different kinds of diversity represented–how might you relate this to broader concepts/issues from class? For example, which stereotypes does the show challenge and why? Which ones do they reinforce?

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