Asian Representations




I came across this photo the other day while browsing through my Instagram feed in phone and realized one of my friends had posted this. When looking at this picture I couldn’t help but see many different concepts that I learned in class being portrayed in this picture. The representation of the Asian American stereotype that stands our most to me when I first look at this picture is of the model minority myth that Asians are quiet, hardworking, stay out of trouble and highly educated. The photo suggests that this Asian guy is more worried and finishing his math homework than being able to hook up with these two ladies that are throwing themselves at him. He looks disgusted and uncomfortable at the fact that they are even touching him. Most men would jump at the opportunity of hooking up with two willingly girls at once and wouldn’t think twice about finishing their homework. Also, in the course textbook by Ono & Pham states how Asian American men are, “largely constructed as asexual and nerdy, as delivery boys or computer geeks and ordinarily as physically unattractive” (p.71). Their description of how Asian American men are portrayed in media fits this picture perfectly. The Asian man in clearly not interested in sexual interaction with these women and, has nerdy glasses, and has a plain appearance. Not only is this image stereotyping the Asian man but also the Asian women as well. In class we learned how media representations of Asian women were “aesthetically pleasing, sexually willing, and speechless, dark, and primitive” (63). The women in this image are obviously sexually willing by throwing themselves at a vulnerable guy who is not interested in them but they seem to not care and want to take advantage of him. The women sexually alluring and available while the man is seen as undesirable and inferior to other men who would normally be engaging in action with them women and not repulsed by them. Asian men have been represented in media in very limited ways, which occurs in media still to this day. It is also portraying the concept of how all Asians represented through media are all seen as the same. Since there hasn’t been many different representations in media of Asians we are repeatedly shown images and roles of Asian men and women without much change which enforces our stereotypes that we hold about them.


One thought on “Asian Representations

  1. I had not seen this photo–do you know if other sayings have been used with the photo (has it become a widespread)? Your analysis makes good use of Ono and Pham and problematizing the image!

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