Ridiculing Asian Representation

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and although this picture here only states twenty-two words, it is saying a lot more than it actually shows. Everywhere you go there are misrepresentations of different racial communities through media discourse. Through the media is where mass audiences learn the controlling images in a society of different racial groups and begin to believe that those images are how people are like in the world. It makes them become unaware of how realistically people are like because of the media and social constructions seen everywhere in the media. This in return, can lead to an ultimate attribution error because you don’t exactly know where someone is from or who they are; you see them as part of the out group. As I was on the Internet, I came across this picture that shows how ignorant today’s society can be. This image is an obvious example of how the Asian community is seen as a mockery to some. I’m not sure whether this picture is real or not but when I stumbled upon it, it stood out to me because it represents how Asians, more specifically Chinese people since it says, “Chinese Restaurant,” are being ridiculed. Although the image is from an Asian’s point of view because it is a Chinese restaurant, I don’t think any Asian would realistically sell their business with this sign right outside their restaurant. The wording on the sign gives off the concept of forever foreigner with its broken English, mimicking and mocking the representation of an Asian who does not know how to speak English correctly. This leads to how they aren’t seen as American but more as immigrants and that they can’t write in proper English grammar. This sign can also be seen as sending out the message that Asians can be rude and disrespectful in their businesses. I believe this image is a misrepresentation created by people trying to ridicule Asians. Whoever created the image feels in power of how Asians can be represented and that it is okay to do that which is not true. If images like this continue to spread through cyberspace, its audience will begin to believe that this is how Asians are like. An image like this says a lot about what the dominant representation of Asians is and goes along with the status quo of Asians being misrepresented and ridiculed in today’s society.IMG_9499


One thought on “Ridiculing Asian Representation

  1. Good analysis of how what may seem like an “everyday sign” reinforces many of the larger stereotypes and controlling images we’ve discussed in class–and also contributes to a socially constructed “reality” of Chinese Americans.

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