Black Racism Unchained

I read an article by Jesse Lee Peterson, a black reverend, that details how white Americans are now scared to voice any criticism against President Barack Obama for fear of being called a racist, even if they truly only disagree with his political policies.  He states that many white people have even fractured their relationships with black friends because they get accused of racism whenever a political conversation starts.  I have seen this numerous times myself and it creates extremely uncomfortable situations.  Any type of racist remark that a white person makes on television towards another race is instantly jumped on and people start screaming about it.  If the shoe is on the other foot though, we rarely ever see such outrage.  This racial double standard has been set in place for many years now in American society.  The double standard was very clearly evident as Jamie Foxx joked about his upcoming film “Django Unchained” while on Saturday Night Live, back in 2012.  He said, “I get free.  I save my wife and I kill all the white people in the movie.  How great is that?”  He went on to brag “how black” it is to butcher whites.  He can openly joke about killing all the white people in a movie and say it’s great because of the racial double standard that exists.  Foxx’s remarks should have made headlines, but of course no one even knows about it.  It’s this kind of blatant ridiculousness that holds our country back and further creates a rift between races.  Had any white comedian said such things, there would have been a national uproar.  In an interview with Vibe Magazine, Foxx also complained about how he has to “act white” while on set for movies and mocked it.  He went on to call President Barack Obama our “lord and savior”.  If he continues to openly mock white people and how it’s great to kill them in movies and support President Barack Obama for the sole reason that he is black, then he will only bring hate on himself and further spread racism.  Other people will feel obliged to do the same thing to other races and the cycle will never end.  We get so caught up in the racism towards minorities that we never talk about any racism coming FROM them.  People like Jamie Foxx need to be called out for their actions and every person of every race needs to convey their message appropriately, not just white people.



One thought on “Black Racism Unchained

  1. This movie has been controversial for a variety of reasons–and has been discussed in very thoughtful ways by those from many backgrounds. I haven’t read as much about Foxx’s statements, though. You’re right that they don’t further dialogue in helpful ways, although Foxx’s perspectives come from a position reflecting a history of oppression. I don’t agree that all statements about President Obama are seen as racist–but I think it is important to recognize how the larger discourse about Obama has often been different than the criticism leveled at a Caucasian president.

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