Olympus Has Fallen & Yellow Peril

Olympus Has Fallen & Yellow Peril

I believe that America is progressing and we are steering away from stereotyping people but every time a movie comes out that discriminate against a specific group of people then that’s when we digress back. There have been many movies that represented the idea of “Yellow Peril” like for example Red Dawn. These types of movies are constantly being made. You would think that Hollywood would stop making these types of movies but that’s not the case. Hollywood actually just came out with a movie called, “Olympus Has Fallen” and when I watched the trailer I was surprised that they made another one. The plot for “Olympus Has Fallen” is that North Korea invades the United States but they start off the invasion by taking over the white house. The main character played by Gerard Butler is the only one left in the white house who is able to save the president. The idea of one white man that is able to take the whole North Korean army and save the president all by himself to me sounds ridiculous. This movie relates so much to what we have been talking in class. The idea of whiteness plays a role in this movie as well because it shows how superior the white race is to other ethnic races especially Asian Americans. Every role that I have seen an Asian American play has been a negative role. It’s time to change the stereotypes we have of Asian Americans and all this movie is doing is adding more to those stereotypes. Another stereotype that I saw from the trailer is the “Fu Man Chu” stereotype. It seemed like there was one man who wanted complete control in the movie. The representation that every Asian man wants to take over the west is such a negative representation towards Asian American men. We have this default representation of the East as being evil. If we keep constantly watching movies that show only one side of the east then those stereotypes will never change. The United States is about many cultures coming into one. This class has opened my eyes to so much and it makes me question a lot of things. I no longer have those “blind spots” that I use to have and I am even questioning movies that relate to race. I saw a two and a half minute trailer and I feel like I can write pages on pages about my concerns of this movie. Everyone deserves respect but if we keep creating these movies that discriminate against Asian Americans then we aren’t giving them the respect they deserve.


3 thoughts on “Olympus Has Fallen & Yellow Peril

  1. I must admit I have been purposely ignoring the Olympus Has Fallen trailers. Thanks for discussing and deconstructing! Clearly the movie reflects wider political and societal concerns with who constitutes the “enemy”–I wonder whether the movie includes any alternative representations of APAs?

  2. As an Asian American currently taking a class on Asian American portrayal in film, I completely agree with you. These stereotypes are constantly reinforced. The fact that Gerard Butler is one man, and defeats every Korean soldier in the White House en route to rescuing the President, is just absurd. It shows the superiority of white men. That one white man can take down many Asians. The same concept is in Kill Bill, Last Samurai, etc. Movies like this should be criticized and abandoned.

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