Representation of G.L.B

When I was younger, I can still remember how gays and lesbians were portrayed in and out of media. If I remember correctly gays and lesbians were not fully accepted in society. This was about five to ten years ago. It was actually rare to see two men or  two women holding hands and kissing in public. But that didn’t mean there were no such things as gays, lesbians and bisexual. At that moment and decades past these people are presented in a negative and stereotypical way. Homosexuality was seen and appeared as morally wrong. In many of people eyes homosexuals are exceedingly great sinners who will burn in hell. It is believed that man and women are to be married, not two men or two women in many religions. At this time people who were gay and lesbians, they kept themselves secretly as regular straight people in the eyes of society, but behind closed doors they are homosexuals.
During the past decades and years back, it was really hard for the gay,lesbians, and bisexual community. There was rarely any representation of homosexuals in media. But then as years past, homosexuality is seen more in media. The media has greats effects on how society is seen and works. For example the a movie call ” I pronounce you chuck and larry” these famous actors played roles as gay man and another example that had thousands of viewer was a television called “Will and Grace”. When something, someone, and a type of someone is represented in media, this will create and cause an influx of viewers to be more comfortable to what they see in media and society. because of how much representation of something or someone is portrayed in media.If we look back into the past, we do not see much homosexuals in media. So when we see homosexuality in society, we are not comfortable and have a negative response to the situation.
I believe that there has a great change to our society because of media. Without media it would have taken longer for society to really except homosexuals. I guess majority of society doesn’t really accept the fact that gayness exist but they are some what comfortable about the situations that they just push the situation to the side and not give too much thought about. Personally, I do not have any problems with gays, lesbians, and bisexual. One of the reason is that, I was able to look from all sides and figure out why people are like this. Everyone in this world lives and grows up with different types of parenting or non-parenting. Because of how they were affected as kids and the things they have been through. They become, who they are today.

larry will


One thought on “Representation of G.L.B

  1. You’re right that there has been a shift in attitudes (younger people today overwhelming support gay marriage rights) but relating your arguments to more specific media representations/coverage (rather than just mentioning a few) would be helpful.

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