Vince Masuka of Showtime’s “Dexter”


Vincent “Vince” Masuka is a support character on Showtime’s hit television serial killer series “Dexter”. Within the context of the show Mr. Masuka is portrayed as the Miami Metro Police Department’s head forensics investigator and works most frequently with the main character Dexter Morgan in the field at crime scenes and within the lab analyzing forensics data. The Korean-American actor known as C.S. Lee portrays his character. He is strongly recognized on the show as the odd ball of the group and tends to make it a point to use lots of innuendos towards the rest of his colleagues in Miami Metro Police Department. He also tends to let people know of his character’s Japanese heritage whenever the situation is likely to benefit him. As if that wasn’t full of enough typical Asian-American stereotypes the show manages to demonstrate that his character is a sick and twisted pervert that is absolutely infatuated with the idea of sex and is shameless enough to try and get with most women he comes in contact with. This undesirable trait of his has created problems within the main group because no one wants to be around him due to the way he acts around women and people in general. He constantly talks about raunchy things around the office and he is also known for hiding serious romantic feelings for the main character Dexter’s sister Debra but he has never actually told her so he is unaware if she would even be interested. He has been known to often hit on Debra Morgan with off color remarks that could be mistaken for sexual harassment. Within his part, Vince takes some serious pride in his professional abilities and the quality of his work tends to be up to par. Also, in the context of the show Masuka is Vietnamese, however he frequently makes absurd comments that suggest that he has a spiritual connection to all Asians and when he is questioned of confronted about his absurd statements he responds in a confusing matter that he doesn’t actually know or even care about the semantics of the different ethnicities and religions of Asia. Overall, the character that C.S. Lee portrays while he is in character for Vince is viewed as the much needed comic relief on an extremely dark murder mystery/serial killer show. The presence of his character does give the show a certain feel and while it reinforces some Asian-American stereotypes I think the producers also were able to create new positive characteristics. Being a major fan of the show I would even go as far as to say that the show would feel empty without him around. 


One thought on “Vince Masuka of Showtime’s “Dexter”

  1. This is a helpful character to analyze–it sounds like it is full of ambivalent and negotiated representations. It would be helpful to hear a bit more about specific statements he makes, how he plays off being both Japanese and Vietnamese and how his character’s lewdness reflects other APA stereotypes (e.g., yellow peril).

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