Bruce from Family Guy

Ever since my floor got flooded I had to live with a roommate in a different building. I do not watch television but he had one and I now watch some television sometimes. One of the most watched programs that we also watch on television is Family Guy. Family Guy is known to everyone in the United States. It is a comedy television show that relies on inappropriate crude humor and violence. It is extremely blunt and chaotic at times. With everything that goes on the show, I want to focus on a character named Bruce. Not a whole lot of viewers will recognize the name immediately. They will know who I’m talking about if I say, “the gay guy from Family Guy”. Bruce has come out fairly often in the Family Guy series. Though his role is small, he has become a familiar face to many because he well known as the “gay guy” of the show. Bruce has many stereotypical features that automatically marks him as a queer. He wears a gold earring loop on his ear, has a mustache, and a very soft voice that speaks “gay” to the audience. Bruce is very nice and polite, almost too feminine for a male role. He is never seen as aggressive or even raises his voice throughout the show. A gay friend of mine saw the video of Bruce in the link that I posted along here and he said, “I don’t sound like that”, and did an impersonation of Bruce afterwards with one of Bruce’s common phrase, “oh no”. Even though the voice of Bruce disturbed him a bit, he still finds Bruce to be an entertaining character because he is able to connect with some of Bruce’s encounters. In one scene of Family Guy, Bruce is in the fast lane at a grocery store and he adds an item to his cart that gives him a total of 11 items. The fast lane has a sign that says 10 items or less. Bruce notices that he has less and is casually worried about it but the cashier tells him not to worry about it because it is fine. Bruce responds saying, “no, rules are rules”, and tries to figure out what not to buy to go back down to 10 items. My gay friend had a similar experience and that is why he accepts Bruce as a character but is still disappointed with Bruce’s voice and the exaggeration that Bruce performs to sound gay.


One thought on “Bruce from Family Guy

  1. With the popularity of Family Guy, it’s helpful to analyze what sorts of images are being promoted (a few other students discussed the APA representations in the show). Linking Bruce’s character to more specific concepts from class would help broaden your analysis.

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