In this blog I am going to talk about my friend Blake.  First things first, my friend Blake is of African American decent. Over spring break there was an incident that happened at a block party we went to one night. I’m not going to lie; at first I laughed and thought it was funny. But then when I thought about it (an hour later ha ha) I realized that what had happen was racist and stereotyping black people. What happen was, Blake and I were walking towards the pool and groups of white people were near by and asked Blake if he could rap/freestyle good? My friend Blake was a smart ass and gave them that line “Why, cuz’ im black”? The white people got sort of startled and just claimed that they were “Interested and curious”. Of course my friend Blake was kidding and decided to rap anyways. But after I had time to think about it, I suddenly realized that this is a reoccurring issue that happens almost everyday. It has gotten to the point where people think it’s a joke and truthfully it isn’t something to kid around because even though they might be “joking” or “kidding around”, in real life those assumptions and stereotyping are still a form of being racist.

Now fortunately, my friend blake is not one to get offended easily but sometimes when people make assumptions about other races, some people take that offensively and result in fighting or even death some times. This class has made me think about things in a different perspective. It has opened my eyes a little bit because racist people whether “kidding” or not, are always going to be around and it happens around me all the time. Before taking this class, I thought those incidents were not a big deal because as long as the person doesn’t get mad about it it’s okay. My view now is that everyone should be treaded the same and no one should be stereotyped because its hurtful and some people are more sensitive than others and that’s how suicide happens unfortunately. It doesn’t matter if your Mexican, white, black, blue, green every single person in this country deserve to be equal.

It was funny because, that whole night there was a rap battle as more people came to the party, so instead of Blake getting upset and starting a fight he made what was a racist situation to a fun situation. Even though that’s not how it should be, I’m glad some people are cool  and understanding like that.

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  1. You’re right that incidents like this happen often, under the guise of “just kidding” and it’s good that you’ve been questioning these more. Going deeper in your analysis and linking that to some of the issues we’ve discussed in class would better identify why these incidents are problematic.

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