John Cena wrestling white rapper

When talking about rapping, people typically affiliate the rappers to being of African American descent. From the Run-DMC days back in the 1980’s to 50 Cent in the early 2000’s, popular rappers have just been of African American descent. In the past couple of years, more and more rappers from different nationalities have begun to rise. Some may consider Eminem to start it off, as the talented MC hit the rap game in the 1990’s and quickly grew in popularity with his the nation.

Recently I was watching wrestling on T.V with my little brother and noticed a wrestler by the name of John Cena. Cena came out into the ring and called out an opponent, all would have been normal but he called his opponent out by using some rap lyrics he made and free-styled it. I found this a bit odd, firstly because he was rapping on a wrestling show, and secondly, because he was white. While I am not trying to state that there is something wrong with white people rapping, I am saying that I find it strange that the media actually got a white wrestler to rap on live television while his fans cheered him on. I find it to be a great thing that a huge company that has had many loyal fans for years decided to go against the norm when it comes to rap. They could have easily picked an African American rapper to do the raps Cena does but decided to go with him. This is breaking certain stereotypes that white men can’t rap, because after doing my research on John Cena, I came to realize that even long before he joined the World Wresting Entertainment, he used to rap and loved it. I started listening to his lyrics, and honestly while not great, they were good. Another thing I noticed is that the WWE was not trying to mimic or make a fool of John Cena just because he was rapping, they meant for him to be good and it shows by all the fans he has today.

Overall, I think music is slowly but surely becoming a genre where no matter what race you are, it is most likely that people will be willing to accept the fact that they are not of African American descent. John Cena is a prime example of this by having a good white rapper being the face of their marketing in the wrestling industry.

Cena Rapping-
-Enrique Jimenez


12 thoughts on “John Cena wrestling white rapper

  1. The intersection of race, rap and the “sport” of WWE is both fascinating and confusing–why do you think rap resonates with the fans? Does this mean rap should transcend its roots or do you think this is appropriation of another group’s music?

  2. Cena i am your big fan and you are the biggest superstar of wwe . I like your style and attitude and u r the chmp forevr

  3. John i am your big fan and you are the biggest superstar of wwe . I like your style and attitude and u r the chmp forevr

  4. I am your best fan in the world.I live in Bangladesh a poor country.Here most people do not understand wrestling.But i and my friendz do not miss a single match of you.please visit our country if you can.find me on fb as tausif khan

  5. i am your world biggest fan. i lke yr style and attidute. i lke yr body and i knw tht nobody can beat you because u r so pwrfull.

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