asian representation in Jpop

Jpop is a expanding representation of Japanese music that is being spread around world wide. Even if Jpop isn’t as fast growing as Kpop, they are growing exponentially and becoming to be recognized though popular anime shows such as Naruto, and One Piece; and used in various original Japanese made video games related to music or dancing; as well as various of festivals around the US to create an awareness of the Japanese culture. Though this the Japanese culture is expanding rapidly itself as well as their music and more and more people are beginning to be more aware. For instance, Idolmaster otaku’s which are people who are obsessed with Idolmaster which is a type of animated idol group which has grown over the years though their video games as well as anime. That and they have a huge fan base which is how their music is expanding though the US.


A reason for bringing up Jpop is because of  a Japanese idol Kylee Saunders, who is also a American citizen who lived in Arizona till she graduated from Hamilton High School. The point of bringing her up is because the songs she sings usually contains a kind of mixed cultural feel to it, and it is not because she is singing it in Japanese or inserting English words into her songs. It is because she has lived in America for most of her life, but also lived in a Japanese household. This makes a difference because her music is influenced by her cultural background and the type of music she listened to while growing up in a American environment.

Another reason for bringing up Jpop is because some of the music is also beginning to be represented in other culturally different music and idol groups. An example of this would be Kpop groups which expanded not only in the US but into Japan. And because Japan and Korea are near each other a lot of the music are adding a mixed of both Kpop and Jpop to make a culturally different feel to the music industry.





One thought on “asian representation in Jpop

  1. Very good discussion of Jpop and the “mixed” feel that Kylee seems to bring to her music. Expanding on this more to relate to some of the concepts from class (e.g., how does the media cover her, how does this reflect a different subculture?) would provide a broader context and deeper analysis to your post.

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