Influence in Music

For many years and decades music has been the one thing that has brought everyone together. Depending on the type of music and ideologies behind that music are able to touch people’s hearts in many different ways. There are all types and genre and artist who have  are able to touch people hearts. With music, artist can have a great influence on people. With this influence it can help people overcome their hard times, make them want to do something bad, or help their mind relax and just have a good time listening to the music. There are so many different types of music that are in todays media and society. Everyone has their own types music they like to listen to, but are the things they listen to have a great influence on them, that are able to change the way they think and act? Yes, because in music there are different subcultures. Subcultures are just people or artist who believe in the same ideologies that are in a particular group. These subcultures develop a sense of belonging together and sharing the same ideas. In this particular the listening to the same music and have the same beliefs and there are many different subcultures. There are subcultures such as rap, heavy metal, rock, punk, etc……. For kids to listen to these musics has many effects on a child’s mind. These songs may include killing, robbing, smoking, doing drugs, sex, and many more. It just outrageous of what is being played in media. I’m not saying that music is bad but there are types of music out there that is in media, where kids are able to access them.
Personally as I was growing up and the types of music that I was surrounded by were bad influence on me and my friends. I guess because of what the older kids were listening to, we just copied them. The music that I remember that we listen to was more of gang, violence and drugs. There were others music that I remember listening to too but more of music that were gang related. As I was a part of this subculture, I can remember kids around my age that were talking about fighting and gang violence. Overall what I’m trying to say is that media and music has a great influence on society . Music can really change you in many different ways. It can be a good way or bad way.

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One thought on “Influence in Music

  1. I appreciated reading about your own experiences and the subculture you accessed through music. Expanding on this to discuss a specific musician and connecting this to specific concepts from class would be helpful.

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