Music and My Thoughts


This week’s optional blog topic is about subculture and music. I find this week’s topic enjoyable to write because not only do I love music, but also it seems to me that music and subculture go hand-in-hand. Music is such a broad and diverse art form that subcultures within it are bound to exist. Since this is a blog, I’m going to take it as an opportunity to rant about music I like and explain the particular impact music has had on me. At a young age I became infatuated with music, there was always something about it that helped me feel whole. I attribute this particularly to my upbringing, growing up as an “only child”. Music was always there for me when I felt lonely, and it answered many of my life’s questions. I had always taken heavy interest in hip-hop music, but I am also an avid listener of soul, reggae, old-school, and jazz. Through these genres of music I’ve learned all sorts of life lessons!

Every song worth noting is an individual story within itself. I listen to particularly Hip-Hop and there is a plethora of talented artists that you connect with through their music. By far the most important lesson I’ve taken from music is to always express yourself honestly. The road of honest expression is not an easy one but once attained, your mind will be liberated allowing you to grasp full control of where your life is going. It sounds simple and far-fetched, but these simple metaphysical laws are really what our lives are built upon. The thoughts and acts you commit in your life become the atmosphere that surrounds your life.

That’s particularly why mainstream music concerns me. When I listen to these popular songs, I wonder if I’m listening to the same thing as everyone else is. The popular hip-hop is centered solely on of course, money and women. It’s irritating for me to constantly observe people enjoying this kind of music! I see trends within my age group growing because of some of these songs: “Hey guys, how about we all pop a Molly and sweat!” That line was a joke, but that song made by Trinidad James is guilty to a lot of Molly consumption by kids my age. These negative ideas these songs enforce eventually becomes action in someone’s life. People need to realize the power that music has over us, and to start making a stand to these mediocre music artists. I strongly encourage people to really pursue what interests them in music, and not to just listen to what’s popular.


One thought on “Music and My Thoughts

  1. Good problematizing of some of the popular hip hop music today–discussing more about the represenations in hip hop that you find challenging or resistant would be interesting. Perhaps you can go deeper into an artist in the final part of the social media project.

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