Country Music Subculture


Country music is popular all over but has also been unpopular with people who might dislike the twangy singing style. Country music originated in the Southern States and mountain towns. But, modern day artists have managed to successfully gain recognition in the mainstream media and extend to millions of new fans. There are a few different genres within country music including outlaw country, country rock, and country pop. The mainstream country music we hear today actually emerged in the 1990’s as a new subgenre which some argued was “insurgent country.” Younger musicians inspired by traditional country artists generally perform modern country music. Country music fans today might be most known for wearing cowboy hats and cowboy boots. Country music has definitely become much more popular to our society which is why there is a subculture through country music today. Modern country music has become a fad in American society through its increase in artists and fans just within the past several years. Some fans may have just recently started listening to country because other people are listening to it, or there are fans like me that have been listening to it since a young age and know the traditional artists and sounds compared it the modern sound. I think the subculture fans of country music today are mostly girls in the age range of 18-24. This rise in female fans I believe is because they go crazy for the “hot” look of mostly all the male country artists including Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Dierks Bently, and Keith Urban just to name a few. Many of the fans listen to the music because of the artists. I have noticed not a lot of guys listen to country music and when they do it is surprising to me, but I also think it is awesome. I feel like if a guy says he listens to country music then he will feel judged because country music is now such a popular genre for girls. Today there are huge several-day concert events, such as Country Thunder and StageCoach, where all the mainstream popular country artists perform their hits. While the fans get to dress up each day in their cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and denim an look like everyone else at the concert. In my opinion, country music is all about having a good time, love for America, and where we come from.


3 thoughts on “Country Music Subculture

  1. You provide a terrific insider perspective on the “subculture” of country music–relating/comparing this to media representations of those who listen to country music, and including specific information on the demographics of those who listen to it would better round out your post.

  2. My god you’re an idiot. Country music is NOT popular “all around”. Country music is the least popular genre of music out there.It’s success is only regulated to the Southern United States and Middle America,as well as the Canadian province of Alberta and the Australian Outback.In the rest of the world, it’s ignored and reviled/hated. With the exception of Cash,Nelson, among others, nobody likes country music except dumb white redneck Bible thumper.

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