How To Be (An) Asian American Women

Lily Qi, wrote an article “How to Be an (Asian) American women, where they are seen as “hard working, partly due to stereotypes but not necessarily powerful or influential.” Lily had a male(did not mention what nationality he was), and stated, “he was not used to having a woman as a manager.” I thought this comment relates to class because it seemed like she was being stereotyped just because she was female. Which relates to a term we have discussed her gender.

Donna Edwards a Congresswoman, who is African American, had to fight for respect, “even though she is an independent legislator whose engineering background makes her an advocate for STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.” At the Capitol Hill, California Senator Barbara Boxer, requested that Edwards be addressed as “Senator” rather than “Ma’am,” she had to earn the title. It seems that there is discrimination because she is African American. On top of that, I believe that it relates to her ethnicity and race, by the fact that she is African American, that is the way I took this. I also took it as she is being discriminated by her gender.

Qi mentions how she had to stick up for herself, and hold her ground when being confronted with unpleasant or even intimidating people. She mentions “if she were not confident in her English skills, when going on a business trip to China, the “self-advocacy would have been daunting.” I believe that it relates to our class by the terms we have discussed in class, race and ethnicity because she is Asian. As Qi mentions how there are issues how Asian woman are often perceived, such as such stereotypes, being hard working, but is not powerful or influential. It is more of projecting an image of control can raise some anger and cause discomfort. I talk about this a couple of times, but I strongly believe that it deals with gender stereotypes.

Females were groomed to be “nurturing, helpful, and collaborative,” which relates to a class, gender roles, on how we see females being portrayed as these types of symbols. I personally believe that this relates to the term gender roles that one perceives. As I am reading this article, it seems that females are being treated with inequality, they are not getting the same respect as males. I believe that women can do just as well as males when it comes to business.



One thought on “How To Be (An) Asian American Women

  1. Good analysis of how women in leadership positions must often overcome both internal controlling images and external ones. Do you think the media also limits women in power in terms of how they talk about them (for example, more often commenting on hair or fashion for female politicians than for male ones)?

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