Music Diversity

There are many genres in music, but so little diversity in those genres.  They typically are dominated with a certain “group” of people based on the genre.  By group I’m talking about the typically ethnic background of individuals that dominate the genre.   Rap for instance is typically dominated be individuals that are with African American Decent, Pop/Rock are typically Dominated with individuals that are Caucasian, Country  is dominated by Caucasians, and R&B are typically dominated by African Americans, those are just to name a few genres.  When breaking down music by genres a question all ways crossed “what’s the difference between a boy band and a male group?”  They both can sign the same genre of music and still be called a different group and the difference between them would be the ethnic background.

Ongoing with diversity in music we don’t see many Asian artists in the main stream media.  I know we went over some Asians in the main stream musical media like Jay Sean, Nicki Minaj, Norah Jones, Bruno Mars and few others.  That list of Asians in main stream musical media is quiet small.  I never knew half of these artists were Asians and many of them don’t emphasize much on their ethnic background.   I guess my own conceptual maps prevented me to see them as Asia ns because they didn’t have any dominate Asian Features.   It wasn’t apparent that I saw them as Asians right away; I just thought that had other dominate features of other ethnic backgrounds.

There has been a group that I have been trying to keep up with because they are Asians, with dominate features, and they are called the Aziatixs.  The genre that they sing is R&B/Hip Hop and they recently signed with Cash Money Record label for over 11 million dollars, and it believed to be the highest contract with and Asian American Group.  The contract was pretty recent, in February of this year.   In other countries that have reached the #1 spot on Itunes and in the US they reaches #4 on the Itunes which was less than a year ago.  I was surprised that I never heard of them until I read an article that they signed with Cash Money Record label in February.  They are actually pretty big and have done concerts on California and Texas.  I obviously had to listen to their music to see if they were good, and to come to find out they are pretty good.  They have a good style between Hip Hop and R&B.  Though they don’t have a large album/track list I wouldn’t mind purchasing their CD and see how far they will get in the music industry.


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One thought on “Music Diversity

  1. This is an interesting group! I’d be interested in hearing more about how much coverage they have had in the media and whether journalists and critics primarily discuss their AA background (as they did with Vijay Iyer) or not.

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