Exploiting women on national TV

On the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, the women on the show were exploited multiple times.  This is a common occurrence on the show for all of the women involved and you rarely ever see such things happen to the men.  Men are typically held in a higher regard on mainstream television than women.  They get more lead roles and certainly bigger parts in the shows.  The women typically have little content to add to it other than coming in on certain scenes to have their sexuality exploited.  Leonard is trying to get tenure as a professor and attempts to use his girlfriend Penny to get it.  They are attending a wake for a professor that has passed and Penny unveils her black dress that shows enormous amounts of cleavage and long uncovered legs.  Many comments are made towards her on how perfect her breasts are and how many of the old men may die right there if they see her bend over.  The smart and less attractive women is mocked and ignored during this segment of the show as well.  I think that promoting the idea of beauty being the most important thing puts women in a poor position.  It makes it more difficult to take them seriously and causes other women to want to do the same thing.  It is rare to see men exploited in such ways.  After this occurred, the men then decided to make sexual jokes about sleeping with each other’s mothers.  Each one took vicious jabs at the other as they tried to make their “friend’s” mom look like a cougar.  Again, this is only disrespectful to women.   Earlier in the episode, Sheldon was trying to impress the tenure board members and brought gifts to each of them.  He brought a book called ‘Roots’ to an African American employee and said, “You’re black right?”  After she threw him out of the office, he mentions that he will be bringing a Jackie Chan video collection to an Asian employee next.   In this one episode, they managed to promote racism towards women, African Americans, and Asian Americans all in less than 30 minutes.  These shows are perpetuating the same typical stereotypes that we need to be breaking away from to ensure a successful and fair society.  The women met the stereotype we talked about in class from video games with Penny being a buxom beauty.  Also, all of the women on the show are Caucasian, there are no minority women present which is common as we saw in the study in class of what is displayed on TV.



2 thoughts on “Exploiting women on national TV

  1. Very good analysis of this one episode of The Big Bang Theory. And it’s one of the highest rated sitcoms! I know the demographic who watches the show tends to be a bit older, so I wonder if younger generations will require that humor be better than playing into typical stereotypes.

  2. really?! Do woman really have to show breasts to get attention? Let us have higher respect for ourselves. Let us be better role modls or todays kids in society and try & get boys who will one day be men to look at woman with respect, notthink of them as a boob.

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