Objectifying women in Video game Culture

In today culture one hardly see’s a video game without a stunningly beautiful female character in the story, or placed in as filler to catch the gamer’s attention. Even though the presence of female characters in video games doesn’t alienate from the genre completely. They are more often then not dressed in seductive clothing or portrayed as a sexual object for something the main character has to acquire or fight for. Even when the main character is a female such as the game ‘Lara Croft’, she is still dressed in the smallest clothing that would fit her. All of this placement sells video games but it is forms a thought that women are object to gain rather than a person to cherish. But many women embrace the skimpy clothing and half naked outfit in something called cosplay, in doing so the objectifying of women in video games is not going away any time soon. The cosplay culture is vast holding seminars in Vegas attracting gamer’s from all over the world. It is a place where thousands can get pictures with characters from a video game such as this one from “Borderlands 2”  Mad Moxxie.


Even in the video game you can buy a beverage from her at the bar she runs and she will take is from her breasts. Furthering the sexual appeal gamer’s have toward women. This behavior is doing nothing to help women become equal. They are equal in law and on paper but many places still pay them less for jobs they would pay a male more to do, they are still being talked down to with the saying “Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen”. Video games are teaching this to children at an early age and because they do not know any better they assume this to be normal practice. Game companies have tried to address this by putting ratings on these types of games but parents do not see the harm in it since “it’s not real” and allow their children to play them exposing them to the type of behavior that should not be tolerated. Everyone knows where some of the problems are coming from but because women in video games dressed half naked sell so well no one is going to stop producing these types of title’s that create such high demand. And with many females playing into the video game culture with cosplay the horizon becomes increasingly more slim.



One thought on “Objectifying women in Video game Culture

  1. Good consideration of how the cosplay culture furthers sexism and further objectifies women. I hope that as more women become programmers there might be a shift in this.

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