Only Americans can pitch perfect games, you gook! #Merica


Last season within the MLB a very special baseball talent in Yu Darvish had decided that he was going to leave his current Japanese team the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters in order to pursue a Major League Baseball career. During this process current MLB teams had the chance to participate in a blind bidding auction for Yu’s services and Yu’s Japanese team had the responsibility of deciding whether they wanted to accept the offer or not. If they didn’t find a suitable offer then Yu would be forced to stay in Japan and play out the rest of his contract. Fortunately, there happened to be a sizeable bid placed by the Texas Rangers of $51.7 million and from there all the Rangers’ organization had to do was negotiate an actual contract within 30 days or Yu would end up back in Japan. Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan finally came to the decision to sign Darvish to a six-year $60 million dollar contract because he claimed to believe that Darvish had more control at his current age than Nolan Ryan did at the same age. During his first season with the Texas Rangers Yu Darvish managed to post an impressive 16-9 record as well as earn the honor of being named an American League All-Star. So as you may have known this past week marked the beginning of the MLB season. This past Tuesday night, on literally the second full day of the MLB season, right-handed pitcher Yu Darvish nearly made history by pitching 8.2 perfect innings only to give up a base hit single with 2 outs in the 9th inning. It was a heartbreaker because he would have been the first Japanese player to ever pitch a perfect game. What is really sad is how morons over social media sites decided to react in such ignorant, racist ways all because Yu Darvish is originally from Japan. Yu was being marginalized and overlooked and because he nearly proved everyone wrong people didn’t know how to react and it honestly brought out some of the worst people in America. For example, @ThomasIrish1 had this to say on twitter “Only Americans can pitch perfect games, you gook! #Merica” and that wasn’t even the worst tweet of the night in my opinion. Another example would have been @OneTruth23 who had this to say on Twitter “N fuck that gook yu darvish……hope u get hit in the head wit a bat so ur eyes round out” its tweets like this that are just plain unacceptable. I’ve never understood how people can treat people who are different in such awful ways. The fact is Yu did nothing to deserve this treatment from people and its sickening how social media sites allow racist statements like this to even be posted. It is time for people to wake up from their yellow peril and start having at least a little tolerance and understanding for people who come from a different racial background. A near achievement should be celebrated for its merits not mocked by people who are still upset about Pearl Harbor or other incidents related to the Japanese. The final example would be @WestonGlienke who stated this, “ONE OUT AWAY! Well that’s what you get for Pearl Harbor. #Carma” which takes the entire situation entirely too far. At this point I hope that Japanese players keep progressing in this sport as in other sports and gain the respect I feel they rightfully deserve. Maybe if more Asian-Pacific Americans become successful they will not be mocked and marginalized on a daily basis like it seems they are now.


One thought on “Only Americans can pitch perfect games, you gook! #Merica

  1. Good coverage of the racism that continues in sports–in some ways it illustrates even more how deep racism runs in this country, because you would think that fans would be about the athleticism, regardless of the background of the athlete. Thanks for covering this!

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