There is one genre of music that I love with a passion and that genre is rap. I believe that rap now is not what it was in the past. In the past rap was more than just about making money. Rappers enjoyed what they did and they did it with passion. Rappers went from rapping about their personal lives and how they struggled in life to rapping about women, money, and drugs. I think rap changed in many ways and there are some positive changes. One positive change to rap is by allowing everyone to find success with rap. For example Eminem who changed the stereotype that all rappers are African American. Eminem gave hope to not only white rappers but other ethnic rappers. Eminem recontexualized the idea of rap by creating music that actually had meaning. I believe many independent rappers create rap that have meaning compared to the mainstream rap. There have been many rappers who have denied signing with a mainstream company just so they can create independent rap. Rap is so diverse now and it changed from being, “only black people can rap” to anyone can rap. I believe that we are progressing in a positive way and we are allowing people to as they want to do. Yes, there is still that stereotype that most rappers are African American but it went from ALL rappers are African Americans to MOST rappers are African Americans. Even though there is that stereotype there has been an improvement. Rap has changed in both positive and negative ways but rap has always represented women in negative ways. Women are represented as just objects and people who cannot think for themselves. Most of the times rappers put women in their music videos just for the hell of it, even if the song isn’t about women in general! I think that is the biggest downfall of rap. We even have a dominate ideology that women are supposed to be submissive and that’s how these music videos represent women. Women who rap are even represented in a negative way, they are always shown in scandalous outfits or being submissive individuals. For example Nicki Minaj, is barely wearing any clothe in most of her music videos and for some reason the setting of every one of her music videos are in strip clubs. Women deserve that respect and we shouldn’t allow rappers to depict women in that way. Music in general is such a universal topic and it connects people from different cultures, and brings people together. We live in a generation that lets people listen to any genre of music no matter what race they are and I find that awesome!


One thought on “RAP MUSIC

  1. Your main messages about the power of music and the universal messages it sends are good. More specific examples to illustrate the points you make would be helpful–do you think rap in particular is more problematic with images of women or is it many genres of music?

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