All Asians Look the Same?

When it comes to being Asian, it is a very common thing to hear someone say: “Oh. All Asians look the same!” It’s funny how that is because it seems like it is only said about the Asian race. Why? I have no idea. It seems that our society is too lazy or think that it is useless to recognize the differences between the numerous ethnicities in the Asian race. You don’t hear people saying “all African Americans look the same!” or “all hispanics look the same.” It’s just Asians that look the same apparently.

On April 8th, Angry Asian Man made a blog post about an event that circled around this topic of Asians looking the same. One day in Portland, Oregon, there was a group of cyclist activist trying to promote something. During their ride, Krisapon Chaisawat (who is in fact Asian) decided to join up with the group just to meet some new people because he was new to the town. But instead of what could have been a nice even of meeting new people just turned into an event of accusations. These cyclist were just a little too paranoid and did not know any better. They accused Chaisawat as an undercover cop, that undercover cop being Captain Uehara.

Surprisingly (and I say that sarcastically), the Asian man who had joined in on their group ride was in fact not the same person they thought he was. Angry Asian Man mentions in his blog post that “race was a big factor in this foolishness,” and he is right. Just because someone is Asian, does not mean they look exactly the same as the next Asian person that shows up.

I remember when I was younger when people in my class would mistake me and my friend as sisters. Yes, we were both Filipino, but we looked very much different. The only quality we had in common was black hair. Our facial features, height different, and skin tone were very different, but the kids still kept asking us: “Are you guys sisters??” just because of the fact that we are both Asian. More recently, I even had an acquaintance say to me: “They’re all the same through squinted eyes.” And yes, this particular acquaintance happened to be half-Asian and he was saying this about his own race. Apparently even some Asians think we all look the same.

I guess society is just very narrow minded about the differences between Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Koreans, and so on.

Angry Asian Man’s Blog Post


One thought on “All Asians Look the Same?

  1. Good connection between your own experiences and a recent news item–I agree that laziness is part of the problem. You’re also right that it reflects a larger controlling image of APAs that needs to be challenged more through media.

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