Film That See’s Both Sides


The topic of this blog is mostly about racism, and how negatively it can make the person seem almost in human towards others. One such example of this was while I re-viewed the film Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones, in this film L.A. is plagued by an erupting volcano and are trying desperately to fight it to save the city. Hours before the eruption two cops are working the beat of a lower class African American neighborhood and one police officer in particular is very cruel and racist toward an African American and offers no aid for him what so ever. So the story moves on and all of the cities firefighters and police officers are try to place concrete barriers to stop the lava flow and everyone is working together then the lava starts to hit the Black neighborhood from earlier and the same person that was disrespected came to ask for help the officer sees him and arrests him telling everyone he is booking him right now. He stays in handcuffs and the group is moving the last piece into place and finds it to heavy so the African American offers his help saying if he stops this it will help his neighborhood, the response is yes and they work together as one instead of just black and white. At the end after the city is saved they look around and say look we are all the same look at their faces and the ash was so thick all the people had the same color and no one could discriminate it does not matter what color you are everyone has a right to fight for life. So someone shouldn’t be limited based on where they live or how much money that make. All people should be given a chance regardless of color. I think the film Volcano was trying to open some eyes and show that when it all boils down we are the same. The police officer in the film was cruel and after seeing the selflessness of the man he hated his views changed, he saw him as an equal and accepted him. The police officer was changed into a better person, he is no longer judging people by their look but by their actions and i think that is what the movie was trying to get across. Everyone is equal if your just willing to give them a chance to display it.


One thought on “Film That See’s Both Sides

  1. I appreciate your reading of the film as promoting equality, but if you provided a bit more complex reading, does it still reinforce the SWAMP framework for privileges? Or is it moving images of Black Americans into more regulated representations but not truly ones of respect?

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